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Hello Fellow Members,

Please see this link for a petition about the change of distance of being able to walk 50 metres down to 20 metres in regards to PIP claims.

Please consider signing If you would like to support

Best Wishes

Emma :)

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19 Replies

  • Thanks Mdaisy :-)

  • Signed. Thank you Emma. :-)

  • Also the website Benefits & Work have a page about current Campaigns, here it is if anyone interested;

  • Thanks for highlighting this, it is a shocking proposal.

  • Signed

    Just lost my DLA HRM and now only get PIP standard mobility because of the change to walking distances That means I can no longer have a mobility car if I wanted one.

  • Sorry to hear this, many people including yourself need mobility cars. I geniunely feel for you. I think Benefits & Work and many other organisations have reported this is happening in a great deal of cases & highlighting it as a big problem as are Disability charities.

    In my mind none of it makes any sense at all & cannot really say how it all makes me feel but think you can guess :x

    It is so frustrating , exasperating & stressful for all the sick vulnerable people of our society


  • Thanks M :)

    A petition definitely for signing and I think I've already signed it :)

    xxx sian :)

  • I've signed it Emma. 20 metres is such a short distance and hardly gets you anywhere I can alot of poor people losing their mobility cars with the change of this rule. I would think the car industry could get involved with this one as they are going to lose alot of business as so many people will not be able to buy another car if they are reliant totally on benefits. When these rules are changed I sometimes wonder whether the all round knock on effect if ever considered.x

  • Signed. It is only thanks to my Rumatologist that i get higher rate. But by the old rules my hubby would also have got it instead of standard rate.

  • Done x

  • Thank You to all who've signed already :)

  • Siigned, this is a senseless rulechange, punitive to thousands in need. Disability should not be measured in metres, but in its limiting affect on life overall. We are people not units.

  • 50 Meters,,, 20 Meters,,,, soon you won't qualify if you can get from chair to bed without a hoist !

  • Done and thank you.

    Ken x

  • I have signed & shared on Facebook.

  • This conservative government will not listen to anything that makes PIP assessments fairer.[Edited by Admin] They want to make PIP assessments even harder so hardly anyone can complete them. Although I agree with supporting actions like the petition as they draw attention to the built in unfairness of PIP assessments - only direct action will make any real lasting difference.

  • Md55

    Have signed. Who makes these ludicrous decisions!

  • Signed it

  • signed

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