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My Tweet from DPAGMAN to the supermarkets

I sent all of the 4 main supermarkets the same question all the replies to date are below.

TESCO Aug 23

@Tesco Do you have any thoughts on non blue badge holders parking in supermarket disability bays? Your supermarket does not it seems!

2.Tesco ‏@Tesco Aug 23

I'm sorry about this Phil, could you please note what store this is relating to? Thanks, Nisha Aug 24

@Tesco it seems to be all your stores I have seen non badge holders abusing the spaces I mainly shop at the arena Coventry.

Aug 24

Hi Phil, stores are limited on what they are able to do, however I will ensure your concerns are fed back to the store. TY- Chris

@Tesco announcing their car reg and the fact they are not displaying the blue badge might help discourage others!

5.Tesco ‏@Tesco 15m

me Hi Phill. Your suggestions have been logged for you. I hope this helps. - Ceri


@Tesco It is certainly is a start. If they want my space, take my disabilities and they can!

ASDA Aug 23

@asda Do you have any thoughts on non blue badge holders parking in supermarket disability bays? Your supermarket does not it seems!

2. Aug 23

@AsdaServiceTeam I'm very sorry about this Phill, this is something we take very seriously. Could you let me know which store and I'll let the

3.Asda Service Team ‏@AsdaServiceTeam Aug 23

manager know about this right away. Zak

4.Me Aug 24

@AsdaServiceTeam I have seen this at your crosspoint and your clothes store at Binley Coventry. One day 4 bays were not displaying badges!

5. Aug 24

me Really sorry Phill I will pass your comments on about this - Beth

11:11 AM - 24 Aug 2014 •


@sainsburys Do you have any thoughts on non blue badge holders parking in supermarket disability bays? Your supermarket does not it seems!

2. Aug 23

me Sorry Phil, which store are you referring to? Mel.

3. Aug 24

@sainsburys Bell green Coventry, even though you claim to charge non holders I have not seen it done!

Me...holder only. Has this been an issue you have raised with our colleagues in store before? Thanks, Ray. 2/2

1.phill ‏ 8h


@sainsburys Yes I was told that it is council land so they cannot do anything but your sign states you will charge for abusing and do not! No reply as yet?

Morrisons only wanted me to phone and be charged at local rate as I could not tweet them for some reason?

Be Well

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Thanks for that, really annoying isn't it??

Very! I went to The Range and 4 cars not displaying today

I have to say Sainsburys in Ashton-under-Lyne have someone monitoring their disability bays.



Thanks for you help re Parking Fine : )

That is all I am asking that they show they care.

NP hope it helped with the invoice ( It is not a fine unless it comes from a Government or council)


It's my husbands pet hate and I'm the one with the disability, another one is why do they sometimes put the spaces so far away from the store.

Kim. xx

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You can quote Governments regulations that state disability parking must start no more than 50 metres from an entrance to a building. ( it does mean government building but they may not know that :) )

Great post offcuts yer av seen asda fineing people for parking in bays with out a blue badge

Yer take pic and issue fixed penalty

if it is on private land they can only enforce it by county court action as it is an invoice for breaching their terms and conditions?

I started having to use a blue badge (then orange) in the early 90's they also gave me a sheath of tickets to stick under the wipers of cars that abused the disabled parking bay something on the lines you said about you have taken my parking spot would you also like my disabilities also?

More the merrier. Some I do not say anything to if they look a little suspect. if you know what I mean.

sure do offcut but what riled me the most was the big posh cars who used such spaces (and I mean Rolls, Range Rovers and Jags) I got a kick out of posting these tickets but dare not quote what one rolls owner said when he caught me but he gave me an idea where to put his 12 bore at the next shoot he had




If we can all blitz the offending stores, it can only be good!

Excellent start Offcut - can't wait to go shopping and do my share! Tesco and Morrisons are our usual supermarkets.


I cannot be vexatious but they have to understand we are shoppers to.

Tesco have now come back with "Hi Phil, we are currently reviewing ways on how to deal with this issue. #Regards - Danny"

Sainsburys Hi Phill." I've spoken with the Carl, one of the managers in store. He advised they do not have a car park attendant at this.. time to issue fines, but this's something they'll try to keep a better eye on. He said to please feel free to bring the attention of a colleague in store if you notice this issue again in future. Thanks, Tiffany 3/3" (This came in 3 tweets)

Morrisons got to me may be saw my other posts? Hi Phill, we do rely on our customers to ensure they park in the correct bays. That said, our Trolley Attendants will ask customers to move their vehicle if they're parking in a disabled bay without a badge. Which store is this please? - Lotty

Asda have informed the managers.

Now there's someone after my own heart! I've lost count of the times that I've complained about non blue badge holders parking in the spaces. I have told Tesco's (and they agreed) that if they had some pre-printed notices to put under these offenders wipers saying "This is a disabled parking space for blue badge holders. Your registration has been noted and we would ask you politely not to use these spaces again without a badge." This would also give employment to someone who could keep an eye on the spaces and redirect people/ or issue the notice. What's the point of having them if you can't use them? I wish I could afford to buy an old banger and park it behind one of these offenders so they find themselves stuck when they come out!

Last week I couldn't find a disabled space in a public car park, so used a regular one and put my blue badge in the window. An hour later I return to find some idiot parked so close to me that I was unable to open the door to get in! Another member of the thoughtless brigade? Where do these people get their licences from - the fishing shop? Thanks to some young guys who pushed my car backward and enabled me to get in, I made it home. I hope the offender enjoyed all the scratches that I left on his car through trying to open my door?!

This is what I leave on the cars. The "Failure to Display" is big and red

Failure to Display

Please display your disability badge. This facility has been kindly provided for the use of those that are in need of this space because it is close to the premises.

If you are not a holder of a Disability Badge then you are not showing any consideration to those that are not fortunate to be in good health or mobility, and should be ashamed of yourself for parking here.

Issued by :

Disability Parking Action Group

Be Well

I note there are two groups on facebook to post photographs of the offending cars if this is any use

one for bb holders

They should all be politicians they all have the ability to pass the buck or sweep it under the carpet but well done Offcut

Unless peeps tell them they do not know what a problem it is.

Displaying a Blue Badge doesn'tmean it is being used legally. I have lost count of the times when people have told me things like, "Its ok, I'm shopping for my mother", or similar.

The person who the badge is issued to must be there, AND also, not just sitting in the car. They must be using the badge to physically get their own shopping or whatever their business is in the store.

The only supermarket who has anyone checking blue badge holders in this area is Lidl. The others couldn't care less.

I agree I have seen this on our local TV news. The council did a blitz on an area were they got 30 year old men getting out of the car with a 72 year old woman's badge displayed with no one else even in the car. In one day in one area they got 6 people using them illegally!

You can also use a blue badge if you are picking up the person who has the badge. E.g. When collecting my husband from hospital yesterday I parked in a blue badge space as was collecting him to bring him home.

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I do not think that is the problem it is those that use someone else's for the sake of being lazy.

Well been 11 days and I have seen no change in any of the car parks I mentioned. So may the battle commence.

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