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Hi everyone

Just wanted to share an experience in case anyone else is going thru it too.

I finally got to see the ENT consultant today as my GP thought I had vertigo as a separate issue to my fibro. Got my hearing and ear pressure checked. Had a bit of a chat. Turns out I had a viral infection last year Vestibular neuronitis (I think) which will now leave me more susceptible to vertigo. What I actually have is disequilibrium. She explained that your eyes and ears AND muscles send messages to your brain to regulate your balance and due to the muscle and joint issues with fibro that then causes you too feel off balance as these messages no longer are synchronised.

She basically confirmed what I suspected but at least she expained it! If I feel off balance I should avoid driving. Not easy since I am still on my phased return to work.

Anyway, hope everyone is as well as they can be.

Hugs to all

Lisa xxxxx

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Hi Lisa I have also been haveing problems with balance My head will get like a swishing feeling in my head and my balance will go dont get a warning. It will just come on me have mentiond it to GP and is put down to fibro but have been getting pain in my right side of head -ear -and eye for some time. Its the unbalancing which i dont like xx


Hi Lisa, I have the same off balance feeling at times, sometimes worse than others. I was in a shop once with my youngest daughter and the clothes were suspended on rails from the ceiling, when one of rails started to sway so did I, my daughter caught me just before i hit the floor. It. Is very disorientating.



Hi LC74

I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that now you are aware of this that it will not be too much of an issue (if possible?) I must admit that I have never heard of this before, and it sounds quite fascinating? I have read so many posts from members that have experienced balance problems so hopefully they will find this really useful?

Thank you for sharing this with us all.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


why avoid driving?, balance not lost when sitting.


Ah...balance can easily be lost while sitting on your bum behind the wheel. It can happen when you turn your head checking traffic, especially if it is fast like when a horn honks or someone is cutting you off. That dizzy, I might pass out feeling really doesn't feel good behind the wheel. I know because mine did get bad enough to quite driving. I was less afraid of hurting myself than I was of hurting someone original pain came from somebody t-boning my car. Anyway... the explanation on why/how the fibro causes that to occur is very nice to learn here. Thank you for sharing that & I pray that your vertigo does not interfere with your driving. Take it easy & God Bless.


Yes mikipaulo thats exactly it......turning ur head really quickly at busy junctions and going round roundabouts!!

Thanks everyone for replying. If my post helps give anyone that little extra knowledge then I'm happy



Thank you for your post I found this very interesting.



I'm diagnosed CFS/ME and FM.

Balance info very interesting. My balance can be very on/off, I also now suffer with severe tinnitus since becoming unwell. I consistently have a positive Romberg test (fall when eyes closed- standard neurology test).

Above being just a couple of many things constantly suffered..... never ending!!

Best wishes x


Hi ive had a bad ear for over 3months wating to see ear nose throat doc to sort it out x then I get told ive got fibro I think my ear startex it off xx


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