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For Anbuma - elbows

Still unable to post picture. Best way to describe it is this...when your arms are by your sides, the palms of your hands are flat against the body facing inwards, not palm forwards. When you raise your arms and straighten your elbows, the hands are still in that position, not twisted upwards. It's actually quite unnatural to raise the arm palm up, especially from the elbow up, and requires some effort. While the shape of everyone's arms and elbows will vary, no one with 'normal' arms will have forward or upward facing palms when the arm is relaxed and raised. I really don't think you have anything to worry about with this part of your body.

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I CANNOT put my arms down by my sides cos of way my elbows are.if I put my hand flat on my leg then my elbows ARE BENT. where does raising arms doesn't come into it.


You appear to be raising your arm in the photo. If you'd rather hear something is terribly wrong I can write that, but you asked if people had the same in that position, and several people have said yes, it's normal.


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