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I know I am being silly but the doctor prescribed me Naproxen alongside tramadol for my pain. I looked at the list of side effects and it is massive, including some fatal ones! I cant bring myself to take it. I know it is a really common drug, but I just need some reassurance. The doc also prescribed some anti acid (omeprazole) along side it which I didn't question so I imagine she expects stomach issues. Does anyone happily take it?x

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Yes I take Naproxen twice a day alongside Tramadol and havent had any issues at all.

Been taking it for 8 months and do find it helps.

Hope this is of some reassurance to you.



I take Naproxen on an as and when basis and not had any problems with side effects if that helps



yes, I take it. Remember they have to put all the side effects in the leaflet but it doesn't necessarily mean they will happen. Be guided by how you feel when taking it, would be my advice.




Thanks Ladies! I think I was just having a wobble. I will try them tomorrow :) x


Hi magnetta

I have also taken Naproxen, as I am prescribed it for my sciatic nerve damage and nerve compression. It has always worked well for me but as I suffer with asthma and COPD, I cannot take it all the time.

I genuinely hope that it works really well for you and without any side effects.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I was on it for 4 years without problems but have had to stop it as I've now got a liver condition. ( not because of the naproxen I must stress) the omeprozol is to line your stomach so that it doesn't cause problems. Always take omeprozol first thing when you wake up and always take naproxen after food and you should be fine. I still take the odd one during a bad flare. It just makes the pain manageable. X


Hi Magnetta,

Your GP seems very knowledgable, eventhough majority of patient are ok taking Naproxen wihout Omeprazole, she/he take precaution prx you with omeprazole just in case you get stomach ache (to protect underlining your intestine) tramadol itself is contain of opiod which is very strong pain iller, you must be in a lot of pain, I am taking it ATM, you are fine, all the medication always have ide effect, your GP knows he/she is doing, in fact is an excellent one!!


Hello, thank you for all of your comments. Sometimes you just need some reassurance! I started taking it yesterday, fingers crossed it works. Good to know that it sounds like my GP knows her stuff as I have just moved surgeries.

I hope you have a wonderful day x


Hi, yes I happily take it I make sure I take my omeprazole in the morning and then take my naproxen as instructed by the gp, I also take tramadol along with these, I have found that if you take them as it instructs you, you will be ok. I have been on them for the past 5 years and I have not had any problems


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