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I have had four allergic reactions in 15 days, plus a similar one a year ago. My lips and throat swell, I itch all over and get blotches. I have had anti-histamines but they don't seem to work that well, three times I had to go to the doctor for an injection, and today my doctor has given me a 5 day course of steroids. I just can't think what I could possibly be allergic to, especially as the last four times (a) in UK at home (b) in the air in flight between Istanbul and Yemen (c) in Yemen and (4) back in UK, all different environments with completely different foods, different soaps, different people about me. And the first one last year was in Dubai. So all with different foods, environments, etc. Has anyone else had anything like this?

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Urticaria. They may not find cause. In my experience it can come and go, lasting few hours days, my maximum was 14 months. Impossible to resist scratching, but that releases histamine on to the skin which burns/stings. I recommend cool flannels, I don't think your gp can treat this, severe and includes swollen eyes and ears If it does not calm down I would ask for urgent referral to see specialist. It may need a combination of meds to get relief. I feel for you very much. Tulip xx

Jjudith in reply to tulips123

Thanks Tulip. Will keep damp flannels in the fridge in readiness. Hugs x

tulips123 in reply to Jjudith

Good idea. Tulip x

Hi Jjudith

I am so sorry to read that, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I can relate completely to what you have written, as I have constant allergic reactions to all kinds of things.

I have been hospitalised after eating Chinese food! I have been hospitalised after wearing latex pumps without socks! I have ended up in A&E on numerous occasions for eating red fruits, bananas, soft drinks with artificial sweeteners, and the list grows longer by the year.

I am now on a permanent 10mg of steroid daily which has given me Osteoporosis. So you have my complete sympathy on this. I sincerely hope that you can get to the bottom of it?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Oh dear Ken you have been thought it haven't you - still got reactions today even when taking 30mg steriods - the mystery is that I can't think of anything that I am allergic to.

Love and hears to being itchless!

I really sympathise with those of you who suffer from allergies, I do too... it is a nightmare when something triggers a reaction and we have no idea what it is. So far I react to Penicillin and ALL fish products... they both cause anaphylaxis which is horrendous and I carry an Epi pen now which contains Adrenaline. It can be extremely dangerous to take a severe reaction and I would urge anyone who has symptoms to contact the medics immediately. Aw Ken so sorry to read of all your allergies there are so many, poor you. Gentle hugs to all. xx

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