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Back Pain, Kidney pain - Long term using Duloxetine

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HI everyone

Thought I'd submit a post on the forum as the last couple of days I have been in constant pain and and I am getting so fed up. I wondered if anyone else has similar problems.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia around 2 years ago, although my symptoms stretch back around 4 years. When I have a flare up it usually lasts a couple of day's, but this time it's dragged on for about four days and is currently still affecting me. I have pain in my shoulder blades about half way down which periodically goes into my lower back, my neck and my kidney area aches to the point that it feels like stabbing pain. I have been on Duloxetine for over 2 years (60mg) though at times I have had to increase it to 90mg.

I supplement this medication with Zapain (Co-Codamol) and Ibuprofen.

Does anyone have any advice, as the last time I had an episode like this the emergency doctor just issued me with an increased dose of Duloxetine which has the consequence of wiping me out for several days.

Jeff (aged 57)

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I am sorry you are struggling at the moment. I feel your pain. For the last few months my body from neck to feet has been one giant achy pain. Plus headaches. I had read flares can last from a few hours to months so I'm guessing I'm going through a months flare also. If in doubt make an appointment with your doctor.

Thank's Michelle - Going to make an appointment Monday - If it gets worse I'll ring 111


Hi Jeff I was on Duloxetine and it was terrible I would go back to your GP and get a review it clearly it's not good or working for you I had full blood to make my kidney and liver function were not damaged never went back in it again

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Sorry you are having such a difficult time with your flare. If you don't want to take increased meds have you tried using heat /cold for pain relief? Some people also find that tens machines help. Xxx

I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad. I had kidney stones a few years back and the only medication that stopped the dreadful pain was something called “Arthrotec” which I believe is mostly used for arthritis as the name suggests. Might be worth discussing with your doctor. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks Jack - Will look into it.

Hi, I have been on 120mg Duloxetine for over 2yrs with no problem.. my gp does a kidney blood test every year. I have heard that co-codamol and such like pills can cause kidney problems... hope this helps ... Dee x

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Musictherapy in reply to Cuteasu

Thanks for your comment - Not sure why this last couple of weeks I have new pain.

What is strange is that when I get a flare it lasts for months, not just a couple of days. When I get a remission that too lasts for months, I start to think I am cured, but back it eventually comes.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel reasonably OK (seldom) and I've been advised by the likes of cognitive behaviour specialists, Doctors and physio's to "Pace" myself and rest during activity, but sometimes I do something in the garden for example and I'm relatively OK, I do similar a couple of days later and suffer major pain for a couple of days - How do you gauge when it's just enough activity ? - I find it virtually impossible.

Can you get referred to a pain clinic? I used to take Duloxetine but had to come off it due to side effects. I now take Tapentadol/Palexia.


I have been to a pain clinic, they put me on Duloxetine after I had problems with Gabapentin and Tramadol - I take Zapain and Ibuprofen.

Been to the doctors again this week after my back/ side pain episode and he said for me to have a urine test as I had a new pain I hadn't previously experienced in the Kidney area.

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