drafting football cross stitch pic

drafting football cross stitch pic

drafted this so far.got to add a football .what does anyone think ?haven't thought of what else to add besides his name.he is football mad and belongs to local club. has won trophies for "trainer of the week".

may remove the background .too much greenery to stitch. have got blue fabric so wont have to stitch "the sky".any ideas appreciated.

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  • what about some spectators? Adverts. When my mother did something similar she made up advert like Mum cafe and Dad's taxi service.

  • thanks fro the ideas.want to keep it fairly simple.advetrs are a brilliant idea.will research

  • all the grandchildren loved seeing names they knew in the picture. look forward to see the end result.

  • Loving your pattern so far, if I could make a suggestion, I agree with you all that greenery will bore you to tears, I think I would make the star of the show bigger, (it is always more enjoyable to stitch a picture of someone you love) If you make him a little bigger, bring the sky down a bit more, put some reds and oranges in the trees (Maple trees add a real sparkle) and like someone else suggested, maybe one or two spectators (you could use pics of family members) I think this would make a lovely memento. I really admire your tenacity, I had to give up my cross-stitching as I find holding the needle difficult. Please post a pic of your finished article, I would love to see it. Regards Doreen xx

  • hi Doreen.i think i will have to make him bigger so as to get better facial features.i was toying with just the goal and the boy with a ball and puttign in a border of footballs and trophies.i got his pic rom his mums facebook page .so there are other family pics there.if I do them too small don't get the detail.maybe just heads and shoulders.will mess around with ideas.i can only do a little bit at a time cos of hands.by teh time I get to complete it -will be coupleof months down the line.

  • I would love to see a pic of the finished article!

    I have just taken up crochet - the physio suggested I knit but that was far to tricky for me - just something to keep my stiff fingers moving and to try to co-ordinate them ( right hand does not obey me!)

    I have never tried cross stitch - well I remember doing a bit at primary school, but nothing as spectacular or complicated as you are doing - have you been cross stitching long?

    Big Hugs,


  • Hi M,it will be a couple of months before it gets completed maybe longer depending on how design goes.i started way back in about 1978.i worked in a newsagents whilst at and after school and saw all the cross stitch magazines when they came out-got hooked.had stopped a couple of years ago cos of fibrofog-difficulty concentrating and following charts etc and eyes getting bad and cos of hands.then did a sampler when my niece got engaged.i did a small postman pat design fro the youngest boy next door on his 4thbirthday and decided to do some for his brother and sister.they have unusual names so don't get things in the shops with their names on .have posted pics of some of them I have done but that might be on the old site

  • I had a peek at your old posts - I could only see one - the high school musical 2014 one - and it looks fab!

    I am not sure my eyes / hands are up to that sort of intricate work - let alone my foggy brain :-)

    I am currently doing a blanket for a cousin who has just had her fist baby, and stupidly I decided to go for a chequered pattern - which when crocheting is not so bad, but once it is done you have to individually cut and knot and weave in all the threads ( i.e it is green and cream and when you switch for each block of colour you get a thread of the previous colou accross that block, on every line) so have just spent the last 4 days cutting and weaving and am only halfway down one side, and rueing the day I thought I could do this.

    On the pattern ti made it sound so easy - just cut and weave the loose threads - but when you come to do it, that is another story!

    you are obviously very skilled!!!


  • think its in my genes.mum used to make our clothes-summer dresses and knitted cardies etc for school.i used to make my own clothes from 11 when started needlework at school.started knitting at about age 7 and made my first cardigan at 14.can crochet but only square sandhavent done it fro years.started a parchwork bed cover many years ago and its still unfinished.willpost some more pics of my works

  • Hey M, just wanted to let you know I have recently taken to doing some crochet, so we could be crochet buddies :d :d

    I haven't managed a square yet, but can do singles, doubles and trebles and invented one pattern with hoops, which worked quite well, very strange for me to do anything well ! :o

    Anyway did it for a while but then it started to make my hands really sore, so I stopped, but maybe if you could kick me into action we can exchange pics etc.

    :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy,

    Would love to be crochet buddies - I too need motivation, this blanket is driving me bonkers!!!

    I will try and figure out what I did with the camera - I had it earlier today - took a photo of the cats - and will take photos of what i have been up to. Please be gentle - I have only recently started so it is bound to look a bit amateurish - but it helps keep my mind off the pain.

    I know what you mean about the hands - I find it helps to change position regularly - to move the level of what I am crocheting wither up / down vertically or nearer or further away from me horizontally so that you don't get RSI.

    My tension is not what is should be - but that could be the assistance I get from the kittens - who love to "help" :-)

    Will post piccies soon in a sepreate thread, so as not to distract from the main issue here, which is anbumas amazing cross stitch :-)

    Big Hugs,


  • have another idea (not to scale).posted separately

  • WOW! That is great my friend! You are really good at this.

    Take care

    Ken x

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