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Making new friends with or without fibro

I was thinking yes my brain has its moments and works but what i was going to say i have moved recently and would like to get to know people just for a chat ,tea , coffee or what ever it would be nice just to be able to talk to someone different other than the dogs or my husband that sounds bad does'nt it but i miss the giggles you can have with friends so how do i go about it i am not very good at striking up conversation untill i get to know someone then i am ok and me being me find i dont have a lot in common with people i have moved around over the years in my life from fishguard to germany ireland london and now back in wales neath it would be nice if we could maybe put a post on here where we can say roughly where we live and see if we can find friends i have family but its not the same and i am sure there must be other people around my area that feel i suppose you could say lonely so how about it any ideas out there how to go about it

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For friends with fibro you could look at the fibro uk website where they list support groups all over the country - I did that and have met a really nice crowd of people some of whom may become friends. Finding new non-fibro friends is not easy - I have lived in our area for 15 years but because I am older and have been doing courses in the nearby cities for many of the years I have not met people through the usual routes of meeting other mums at pre-school or school events, nor have I taken any courses locally though that is always a good way to meet people who may become friends. I recently joined the Ramblers and that gets me out and about with some like-minded people and will make me fitter even if I do not make friends, also I joined a gardening club as I love gardening and visiting gardens. There is no easy way to make new friends, but following up your own interests is the surest way. You might research all the local clubs and societies in your area by googling the name of your local town or city and words like social events, clubs, meeting people, etc. I spent a long time googling but still didn't find out about some local organisations, later finding out about them by word of mouth. It does all take a lot of effort but in the process you will meet people and some of them may become friends. You might also become a volunteer, for example with an organisation like mind, or some other charity which relates to the kinds of people you maybe interested in helping, that way you will meet the other volunteers and they will have similar values and interests, that's always a good basis for friendship.

In terms of people in your area who use this website, I live in St Helens and am 64!

Sue xx


I moved this year to a new country this year and now have more friends here than I did in the UK. I joined lots of groups - 4 friends, web site - 2 friends, talking to people on the bus - 1 friend and talking to someone at the airport another friend. I also made a friend in the butcher's. I think mainly instead of believing my mother who told me I am unlikeable I decided that I am quite nice and that people what to know me so that makes me smile more and more open. Decided that the abuse I suffered when I was young did not have to define me now and for the first time in my life I am happy with me and I like me. I also always carry cards with contact details on them but no address. I also have met people who I would stand and chat with but would not call friends.

When meeting someone for the first time that I first connected with electronically I always met in a busy place and tell someone where I am going and who I am going to met.


Hi tasha2

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have pasted you two links to Fibro group directories, so I hope that you find these useful:

I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you are looking for and find a wonderful friendly group in your area. Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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