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Walking stick/ crutches


I use a walking stick at the moment but have an arthritic shoulder and find that my arm is constantly aching.  I cannot use the stick in the other hand as I have arthritis in theat wrist.  I sm wondering if a crutch would take pressure off my arm/shoulder more and would be grateful of any advise that anyone can give me 

Hope you are all having an o.k. Day 

Gentle hugs

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I'm not sure in your case but I was on crutches one time and was aeful!! It may be great for you.Good luck.Peck

I always use a small shopping trolley (albeit they are not recommended as a walking aid) I find it keeps my hips balanced & I can use either arms or both xx

Im in similar place at the moment and have problems with both my wrists and shoulders & have a stick but the people Ive spoken to that use crutches say, they still get the pressure on elbows and shoulders, so I don't know, its one of them really, you just have to try it out and see.

Luv Jan ;-) x

I was diagnosed 3 months ago but I have been using crutched for the past 6 months I find it is easier for me than a stick, I travel to London every day for work I hardly ever get a seat on the tube so crutches are definitely better for leaning on.

Hi I started with walking stick but same as you pain in my shoulder but I also have golfers elbow so I bought crutches only use one but find this so much easier hope you find some comfort 

Carol x

Thank you all.  Do you buy crutches independently or are they available through NHS?

I prefer to use my crutches, than my sticks, but I still have problems with shouldersand hands. Good luck in finding a solution that suits you best. 

Thank you all, i do appreciate your input.  Please can you tell me how you aquired the crutches i.e.  Independently, or N.H.S.?  That would be really helpful as I see my G.P tomorrow and I need to know what I am talking about!  

Gentle hugs to you all and many thanks  

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It would be a good idea to see physio for advice I found to my cost that using walking aids needs to be assessed to ensure proper posture is maintained, do discuss this with your GP. I use crutches which were supplied at hospital, I find they give better support than sticks. xx

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I use crutches as it provided better support and balance. Especially as I have impingement syndrome. I bought them myself as it was quicker, having a stick meant I wasn't a priority. I paid £37 for the pair I think. 

Hi Crackers1

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this problem, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. When I could no longer use a stick for longer distances, I started to use a tri-walker, and I have to admit that I feel lost without it now. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I hate using a stick when on the rare occasion I go to the shops because I keep dropping it. I prefer my Sholley trolley.

Hi I was given my gutter crutches by my occupational therapist who was sent by the doctor.  That said it was some time ago now and I believe that each area it is different.  Good luck :o)


If you can use a crutch try getting whats called a gutter crutch.i was told i should have had one .i fell over on my left ankle 2wks after surgery on my left shoulder .unfortunately they didnt tell me this until the plaster came off 6 wks later.not very helpful.

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