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feeling like death

ahd a bad day.hurting everywhere-pelvic pain from time got up and difficulty walk painfully slow and both dog s wanting to go in different directions.struggled to eat today as not at all hungry until lunchtime -half a sandwich and small meal later on.evenign was same as usual-restless legs -not sit comfortably and dog taken up the sofa so couldn't lie down on it.neck tight and visibly swollen-hurts to swallow .took dog s out in pm just to visit a friend in the next street and he kept on walking around the field and home.could have done without that.hands so painful couldn't do anything.thinking can i wait til Monday when I have my appointment.

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Hi anbuma

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you desperately desire and deserve. I can imagine that Monday feels like an eternity at the moment, and if you get too ill you may need to ring them sooner?

Take care

Ken x


Hang on Monday is nbot so far away- I hope youi feel better today if not at least a little more comfortable-

Gentle Hugs



So sorry sweetheart. Have you been to a pain clinic? I was at my whit's end and had to do something. After going my pain and life is much more bearable. I hope this helps. xxx Mitzi


So sorry to hear you are having such a bad time of it. Dogs are wonderful but when you feel so ill sometimes you wish they could walk themselves. Painful hands are terrible as they affect everything you do. Sincerely hope that you are feeling a bit better and that the doctor can find some answers for you on Monday. Big hugsx


thanks guys fro your words of advice/support and Annie woke me at 6.25(as every day-her built in body clock?)with same symptoms.last few days not even want breakfast.dawned the hottest strt to the day of recent days.walked to the beach where tide was right high -annie in and out of the river and then rolling in the sand.Buster decided he didnt want to be on the beach so headed back (home so I thought)then he walked along the street to the far end thinking hes going to the bus stop-no he kept on going along the coastal path to the farm and back thru the fields .got home at gone to drop but needed to go into own to collect my concerned as are the dogs.

someone said on one community that taking omeprazole removes all vitamins from the body(or somehtgn like that)so is that why A&E dr told me to stop taking them yet another gp prescribed them again.asked my gp about this just said "take your meds without querying them).

at thsi moment-abdo discomfort.tightness in neck aggravated by pyjama top.dry mouth and achy legs .stomach hardness spreading to chest area and rib pain after eating.

I have just checked back thru my diary -had rib probs since 2011.worse now than ever.more swollen abdo after gallbladder op,more fatigue and greater loss of sores and rshes


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