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shall I go it alone?

hello fibro buddies,

as some of you are aware im beginning my fight for PIP and have read several posts and read elsewhere as well that my case will be strengthened by my gp writing a letter on my behalf to back up what my symptom's are etc. I wrote my gp a letter and was called in to see him, well I was astounded by him he said "the NHS cannot help you, what do you expect me to do? there isn't a cure for lupus or fibromyalgia. I suggest you take up Pilates or Thai-chi ." I was left dumbstruck and walked home feeling as though im alone in my battle. I have never wasted NHS time/money, I only make appts when I very poorly I struggle through every day alone. should I ask another gp or only go when my medication review is due in future? I feel like ive been told off like a child, feel stupid for asking now x

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What a horrible reaction. Did you explain that you are trying to get a benefit to help you with your condition and that would help to pay for the Pilates and Tai Chi classes and the cost of getting too and fro. Mind you you were probably so gob smacked that speech would be impossible. Like many people I can always think of the right thing to say after the event. I have got a feeling that I will not have a very helpful GP when I have to reapply next April. I had had the same GP for about 30 years and he had seen how I struggled to go back to work etc and really get on top of my illness and I know his supporting letter did the trickfor DLA as when they had not received it I was refused but when I asked for it to be reconsidered after getting him to write another one I was accepted. If you have a good relationship with another GP in the practice who knows your case it is certainly worth a go.

Have you got a CAB or advice centre near you that could help you? There is also the CAB Advice net. The Benefits and Work siteon the internet is very good and if you pay for their subscription which is about £18 for a year you get full access to their guides. I know it was the difference when I was trying to help my husband appeal against a decision at Tribunal when he was refused ESA. There is even a tool which you can assess whether you are likely to fulfill the criteria. I am absolutely positive we wouldn't have won without the information I got hold of there.

If there are specific questions you are struggling with I am sure between us we would be able to help you so don't feel alone.

Good luck with everything my heart goes out to you.x Big hugsx


WOW! I am so sorry to read that and I feel devastated for you! Please ask another GP and any Specialists / Consultants that you see, as the more ammunition you have in your locker the better your claim will be!

I would also make sure that you never, ever see this waste of space of a GP again!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thankyou rosewine and ken for your support, its true I did just sit there dumb struck, I was annoyed with myself after that I didn't stand up for myself. my letter was clear although long as I wanted to tell him what is happening with my body and did say I do try to help myself.

my rheumy has already said she wont help me so no point asking her again. I will look into CAB for advice as well as I have to fill out the form in a certain way (from what I've already read from information regarding filling this form out). my original gp has retired and a friend has recently been diagnosed with lupus and attends the same surgery and she recommended him, I definitely wont go back to him ever! I waited a whole month for that apt too :( it took a lot for me to ask for help,i am a stubborn old bird and always try to do things by myself but I know I need help with this to get them to believe me as ive read how badly they treat people.

thankyou to you both, hugs xx

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I can genuinely understand why you sat there dumb struck as you simply would not expect a doctor to behave in this way! Apart from the CAB, there is an organsiation called Disability Direct who help with the forms, so if there is one near you it may be worth ringing them?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim

Ken x


thankyou ken, I will look to see if theres anyone near me to help me.

hugs to you and your wife x


Likewise. I would not even try to talk to that GP again. That's as clear a case for changing as I've heard. Even material for a complaint if there was the time, energy and money available.

However I'd agree with the tai chi as a means of relieving some symptoms, but not the pilates. It's not terribly cardiovascular but is strenuous.

Go for it and take the claim one step at a time, with the help of CAB. You may help your case with information from a GP so it may be a good idea to change and get established with a new one soonest. If ever there was a blow designed to destroy self esteem that was it.

Gentle lavender hugs.


thankyou fenbadger, I havnt spare money to join a group to do tai chi, I do walk to work and walk my dogs at least once aday, twice on good days x


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