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CBT!! Makes such a difference... :-D

I was refered to the Mental health services in Feb and finally had my first appointment 2 weeks ago! My therapist Helen is an absolute "poppet"!! The same age as my youngest son!! But I don't feel uncomfortable sharing with her. I have weekly tasks to do and a "good ol natter" often leaving drained by my emotions but feeling better knowing that I'm getting advise on how to deal with the changes!! Now I'm just waiting for occ health home visit and appointment with the CFS pain clinic.... Much love to all my fibro-buddies!

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Hey well done,and thanks for sharing such a positive post.

I too found cbt helpful. Hope you continue to find it so.


Hi ninjananna

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That sounds wonderful and I am so delighted for you. Anything that helps with this horrid illness is brilliant! I also want to wish you all the best of luck with your Occupational health visit.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x



I found CBT helpful too so I am pleased to hear someone else has benefitted from it.




I had a long period of CBT some years ago, and I think it literally saved my life. I still use the techniques I learned then and know how brilliant the tools it can give you are. You've reminded me that it might be time I had a top-up!!


I was so,so sceptical about CBT but I persevered, even if only because I don't like giving up on things, I too found it really helped. At first it was only because I felt able to face the week ahead after my sessions! Now I am using a lot of the strategies suggested by my therapist and I'd advise anyone to give it a try, well done to you, xx


Wow. I am really, really excited to hear this. I am just starting CBT (after my holidays) and was feeling a bit unsure because I'm having to go private and it's not inexpensive. Now I'm really encouraged and I will give it my best. Ninjananna, I am so pleased it is helping you and the others who have replied. I'm now taking amitriptaline, citalopram and pregabalin so a real cocktail of drugs, which I don't like taking, so finding something else that helps would be great. Plus, it makes sense to me as I see fibromyalgia as at least half a mental battle rather than a physical one. Thanks for posting Ninjananna and best wishes x


Ahhh, what a lovely reply! I've been going now for 5 weeks and I am definitely feeling/seeing a difference in the way I deal with daily living. My new saying is "self compassion" which I pinched off Helen, my therapist! I try to be open to her suggestions and read all the info she gives me! I'm taking co/codomol, amitriptilyne and on bad days Tramadol! Pregabalin make me violently ill so I stopped them! I truly hope you have as much success with your CBT!!....:-D :-D


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