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Quickie update

This is going to be a real quickie 'cos it's late & I'm really tired.

I am so glad to 'find' you guys again, I thought I'd lost you forever! I have been feeling really s*** again, so after a night of no computer 'cos I felt to rough I tried to log on yesterday but couldn't. I know that I should tamper with the computer when I'm unwell, but I did. I installed a new browser, which started to play up, so I decided to clean it up. I went through all sorts of things that I had no idea what they meant, but if it felt right, I uninstalled or deleted it!

Not a good move!

My new browser decided that this site was dangerous & refused to allow me to log on, even when I tried to overide it, eventually I had to give up.

Today I was very upset & depressed so decided to try to repair the machine. I started at 5.30 & thought that there must be a simple solution, well it went from bad to worse. Eventually I had NO internet use at all!!

I had almost got to the point of ordering a new computer from Argos, not that I could afford it but I'd be lost without it.

Just before I threw it out of the window I decided to have a final look through all the programmes etc. I then realized that I had no internet explorer, or google & goodness knows what else. I've no idea how or when I deleted it - fibro fog & computers don't really mix!

However I came across a button that my husband had ordered me NEVER to touch, it was called auto restore & takes your computer back in time to before your problem. I reckoned that it couldn't make things much worse so I set the date back a coule of days, pressed the button - and walked away. ( If I ignored it, it might not play up) & presto, here I am.

lovely,lovely computer I promise never to fiddle again. Well maybe not tonight!

Got other stuff to tell you but because this turned into another epic I'll leave it till next time.

Hope you are all coping, lots of fibro hugs to you all ((((((((( xxx))))))))

Cobweb x

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lol I have an RSA in computing and always pass my laptop to hubby for sorting...mind you I can't even work the playstation!


I have an Ipod still looking beautiful in it's box. I read the instructions & saw how tiny the buttons are & gave up. Mind you I can't do anything with my landline phone, it's a cheap one - bad mistake, I knew where I was with a BT one!

Now I'm not going to read anything else. I NEED to go to bed

night mumof5, sleep well when you can x


Hi Cobweb. Well at least it wasn't the self-destruct button. I guess you lost a lot of your files but at least you have a computer now. My hard drive on the old prehistoric PC one blew up - literally went 'bang' and frightened both of us and the cats to death. Luckily my lovely friend Corrine who is a computer whiz built us a new one.

TBH I usually just browse on my iphone cos it's instant access and I'm too impatient to wait for my laptop to boot up.

Hope you sleep well

Storm x


Morning Cobweb so glad you did not obliterate every thing some times we should just leave well alone. My OH is comp illiterate he still manages to muff it up regularly which always makes me cross I feel the comp is my domain and I am the one who uses it all the time so he should stay away.

I am lucky my son in law is a whizz on comps it is his living so if all else fails I go to him and he puts it straight, but it is funny I don't like to unless really beaten into a corner. LOL

I hope you have woke up feelin refreshed this morning xgins


Hi Cobweb

That sounds how I used to be with the computer. Now I dont touch or press anything I am unsure about.

I too have a laptop & cant be bothered on waiting for it to wake up.

I have a smartphone & use it for everything. I get my emails from this site around 6.30am everyday so its good to catch up with people & find out whats going on in the world.

I hope you managed some sleep & wake up feeling better.




Hi ya nice to see you back cobweb.... Due to my neck and shoulder I can't use pc much to OH relief he used ti spend half his time fixing my mistakes.... I spent hours with a mouse that refused to work when I had a laptop.. My husband walked in clicked on the enable mouse button right there top of keyboard rolled his eyes and then proceeded to tell everyone.... Now I have an iPad it's much easier... It's been dropped trodden on and in one of my darkest moments stamped on.. And it still works perfectly.....

Hugs VGx


Julie asked me to pass on the message that she is thinking of you alot and is reading your posts. Her acount has been restricted so she cant answer your posts.


hi everyone, bit better day today except that I have a streaming cold. I woke feeling dreadful but spent half an hour doing self Reiki & it really helped.

Can't remember if I've told you, probably have but Social Services have done an about turn & now I'm going to have 7hrs help a week. Luckily my former PA is able to rejoin me, which is great, she's really down to earth, non fussing but still very caring. She was the person who found me after my overdose & also it was her kicking up a fuss that got Social Services to change their minds. Anyway she came over this morning, armed with a pot of pumpkin soup & a piece of strwberry cake, yummy! She stayed for a few hours just chatting, it was lovely to see her. She starts back here next week.

I saw my GP again yesterday, she was really grateful for my letter & says it helps her understand how fibro affects me. I've now been referred to the memory clinic & OT locally. One big joke though - she was very concerned that I sounded so depressed, as if an overdose wasn't a bit of a give-away! She's referred me for an 'urgent' assess ment with local mental health team, now I don't know what classes as urgent but I took the overdose 2 weeks ago, wrote to har last weekend stating how awful I felt. It's Friday now, unless I get a phone call in the next 20 minutes they will be off for the weekend, so I won't see anyone for at least another few days. Also GP wants to see me every week for a while but she can't fit me in until the week after! I love this NHS I've found a great GP with a rubbish system behind her!

Other thing I wanted to tell you before I had my computer fiasco, I now have an advocate to heelp me with my Atos assessment. He is trying to get it changed to a home visit. Next weeks' appontment has been put back 3 weeks to give time for him to try & twist their arm a bit. GP has sent a letter stating that I'm no fit to travel that far. No idea if it will change anything but at least I know the GP is backing me. I'll let you know what happens.

Different subject, is it really so much better to have an Ipad or one of the Iphones? My laptop is getting very old & battered (I treat it terribly) I've thought about buying a tablet or something similar, but worry about setting it up etc. I'm on my own here & wouldn't know where to start. Any help/polite suggestions would be most welcome.

I'm writing early today because I need to stop late night blogging, it's really hurting my eyes & doesn't help my sleep, so I'll be putting the beast away quite soon

Hope you're all having a reasonable day

((((((((x))))))))) hugs all round x


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