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Update re:Help! Losing my job

Just realised I hadn't updated you all, when so many were so helpful during the three year fight!

Well, I'm still at work, technically I'm on holiday at the moment. I've done the battles with the help of Unison, my Union. Had the meetings and now, finally, completed the year of no sickies! Not actually true, but my school helped me by saying they'd send me home if I was sick which isn't counted in the same way. I did have to drag myself in and was sent home a couple of times, and I did ring in sick a couple of other times, (for couple don't think two, think two or more).

I know, beurocracy! I said it makes it look like I was lying, but was reassured by personnel that she didn't think I was, it was County. Well I chose to kind of believe her.

So, come September, I return to work with a clean slate!

Personally, I just think I was lucky plus had learned to pace myself along with meditation. Now what am I doing? Messing with my medication, trying to reduce and come off Lyrica. I'm sick of being so overweight! My Pain Management Clinic think they have an alternative, not usually used for FM. I will let you know what it's called. But that Gabapentin also has horrid side affects. As Lyrica does work for me it's a gamble. I may have to go back on it.

It's the summer hols so best time for me to try to, at least, reduce the medication.

Thank you, everyone, for your efforts to help me.

Soft hugs

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Hi there

Congratulations on everything you have achieved :)

I was just wondering how long you were on Gabapentin for? Yes, it does have some side effects but they do wear off. I've been on it for many years now.

I did put some weight on, but have managed to lose it, so there is hope.


Lu xx

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Thank you for updating us and I think you have done brilliantly and coped very well. Perhaps like me you can find a dose of Lyrica that allows you to function okay most days with side effects that are tolerable if the other drug does not work out. I wish I could take a higher dose as when this first started I was so ill that I was just grateful for anything that reduced the pain enough for me to cope and Lyrica did that but if I take it at a higher dose I really feel out of it and sluggish and I want to have something of a life so if that means tolerating a certain amount of pain every day well that is the bargain I struck.

You are doing all the right things with pacing and getting a different mind set. Keep us updated on how you are doing.x


That is exactly what I have done with the Targinact Rosewine. I always have pain but at least, like you said, I can still function - although that is debatable at this moment in time lol xx

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sn't this a funny illness just when we are silently patting ourselves on the back for having a good day then wham it kicks us up the backside. I actually got up today with only a little bit of pain and stiffness and the bottom of my back wasn't so numb. I managed to drive across to our new place and even did a little bit of gardening and got back and did my husband something to eat before he had to rush off to the hospital to visit his brother. He looked at me astounded as by this time of day I am usually good for nothing.

Toddled off upstairs to do my weekly pill organiser went to get off the bed and could haved screamed the place down with the pain. Managed to get down the stairs and then thought to myself I wish I had stayed up there on the bed as I am now so stiff and in pain it will be like climibing up the Matterhorn to go back up. Grhh!! Knew it was too good to be true.

Take care and as I said keep us up to date with how you are getting on.x


Cymbalta helps me. Salonpas pain patches for trigger points. Also wear a Butrans pain patch that I change once a week . I also take Hydrocodine .

Temasapan for sleep .

Learning to pace is critical , prioritize . Do a little, rest a little , do a little more .


Great advice Redhots - I try to do that at home but sometimes forget - just get carried away in the moment as did Rosewine in her excitement of relief from pain xx

Work on the other hand - their attitude is you are either fit for the job you are contracted to do the same as everyone else or you are sick!!

Unbelievable - still waiting to hear back from my union xx

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Thank you so much for the update and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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