Lump removal

Had two lumps removed yesterday under local anesthetic, both on my right ribs. The surgeon was great, he was American and went through everything with me, before and afterwards. I have had a few of these removed previously and was told they are lipomas, I asked the doctor if they could be Dercums disease, he was non committal, but did suggest I could possibly have a general anesthetic and have more removed than just two with a local anesthetic. Have to wait for the pathology results, but he didn't think there was anything sinister with them.

Does anyone else suffer with lipomas or any lumps? I have quite a few all over my body and some of them are very painful. Feeling a little more tired than usual today and a little sore. Will have stitches out in 12 days time so hope I will feel more comfortable then.


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  • Sorry to see you are having a rough time I hope you feel more your self this evening! I have just watched Harry Potter really enjoyed it again!


  • Thank you Gin for replying, as I have a bad reaction to sticking plasters and tapes, the surgeon stitched and glues the wounds. I have never had the glue before, but I find that this is making my skin itch around the wounds.


  • I react to the adhesive on plasters, and the zinc ones. I hope you'll soon be feeling better. :)

  • It really makes things more difficult when we have such allergies. Now the glue is starting to make me itch. Oh well just keep scratching I suppose.


  • Have you tried anti-histamines?

  • Hi Titchyj

    I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better after your surgery.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Titchyj I am plagued with cysts. I find that the main problem for me is that they last for about a year and then when they go I am left with scaring and this causes more pain.

  • Yes, I have lumps on my thighs, and upper arms, I had one growing between my ribs, that was removed and doc said it was a lipoma, they can be very painful.

  • HItitchyj I feel for you its so worrying i have had first drained twice then two removed from my breast and have another lump they say its only a lump of body fat not to worry about it but as its around the area where the others were removed it could leave a dip is so pain full they are checking it again in june had one from my back removed and just had scan and been told I have a few on gallbladder and liver going to see a Cholecystectomy in june its the waiting for results i hate I hope your results are ok keep me updated and good luck fibro10

  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this very painful subject. Will keep you informed as to the outcome of the pathology tests.


  • Hi Jan,

    I have 2 lipomas and was told by my GP not to touch them as they are harmless. However, I have 2 small moles that are being removed in June and they tell me these are harmless but have them taken off as they get caught on my clothing.

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