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My Aunt and sister think I am not trying hard enough.

Man about the house thinks I am doing too much.

The garden thinks it will fill any spare space with weeds.

The trousers think if I loose any more weight they will be binned.

The house spiders think they should get spinning and make up for the shortfall in their housing.

Carole next door thinks I look green.

Work doesn't know what to think of their pet lunatic going off sick.

The GP thinks she will run more tests.

Them at the pub think "wheelchair?".

The small piece of energy left thinks It would like to abandon ship and try to find its mates. Who surely are having more fun.

I think I am trying the best I can.

I think I have to remind myself that come what may I am a champagne cork and will bob up to gruel along another day finding at least one gem within.

And today it was finding a nasturtium seedling strong arming its way though the weeds.

Tomorrow I think I may find my roar.

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Perfectly summed up nedd xx hope we get our roar back! Jess x

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I love this. Absolutely spot on! Thank you so much for sharing. xx


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Loved it nedd. We are the nasturtium pushing our way through the weeds. Hugs, Julie xxx


Oh gawd I do hope I get my roar back. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

I shall now think of myself as a nasturtium.

An unruly tuff joyful orange affair that thrives in poor soil who seeds itself everywhere.


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Absolutely wonderful, definately made me smile, so true to everything. I noticed that my nasturtiums were pushing their tiny heads up where other things had failed they are tenacous little beastsx


love it!


Very good nedd, and very profound and truthful for many of us!

Thank you for sharing this with us all.



Hi Nedd :)

What a lovey piece of writing, very expressionate.............. I could feel it! :)

The roundabout keeps spinning and the cogs keep turning no matter what's happening and what people are saying. The picture and it's caption says it all and I love your little 'omen' at the end when you found your nasturtium seedling growing with strength through the barrier of weeds :)

You will find your 'ROAR' Nedd :)

Cooling yet healing fluffies filled with sunshiny smiles

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Nedd expressive and quite brilliant. I look forward to your Roooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! xxgins


Thoroughly enjoyed this thank you.


Thanks for all your encouraging words.

Fluffies caught and cuddled. Have set them a challenge.

To Find my roar.

They are having fun baiting black cat who definitely has not lost hers.


X hope we all find something to make the day bearable X


Fantastic, positivity and humour, what more could we ask for!!! XXX.


Wonderful thanks for sharing


Dear Nedd, I just had to pop a line or two just to say how much I enjoyed your post. I especially loved the champagne cork analogy - I hope your fizz and sparkle will not be contained too long by it. The nasturtium amongst the weeds would give anyone hope of fighting through this jungle of Fibro, and I am sure you will get your roar back really soon. Regards Doreen


thanks for sharing this nedd it is really good .


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