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hello fibro friends,

for the last five days ive done nothing but sneeze, continuously. ive a runny nose and blocked. a tickly pathetic cough and feel hot and grumpy and slight sore throat. whenever I get a cold I always have a mega sore throat,then loose my voice and then a hacking cough. my husband says it could be hay fever??

can you suddenly get hayfever though as im 42 and never had it before.

typical as I dread the sunshine as having lupus too I have to avoid it and now this too,the usual night sweats and nightmares have returned with force,im so tired but im scared to sleep as the dreams really frighten me,and the sun has given me purple blotches on my face, wana hide away in the wardrobe until summer has passed :( x

any advice will be gratefully received x

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HI Ask your doctor about antihistamine tablets, my son who is asthmatic also takes steroids at this time of year,

I have only had hayfever once. so hopefully this could be a one off hugs sue xx


Hi caninecrazy

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so under the weather at the moment (no pun intended). And I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this very soon.

As mayrose54 has said, antihistamines are very good at helping with this problem. However, I think you should discuss the effect it has had on your Lupus with your GP, just to keep them up to date with how it is?

Since you have never had hay-fever before, it could be that it is not hay-fever at all and a virus instead?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting some answers to your problem.

Ken x


It certainly could be I've got a cough that either makes me sneeze or want to sneeze, I mentioned it too my doc and she said hayfever. I started taking my antihistamine everyday and I don't have the problem if I forget then it appears. Mention It to your doc Hun always best thing to do.

Good luck I hope you get sorted. X


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