Not really funny, just could not think of a better place for it. OK, pet corner because there are at least 2 pets :)

For those who haven't picked up this.

Oh, and an excuse to see Jack doing what Jack did best - getting into mischief!

Oh, and the link which was what this is all about in the first place. Fibro fog . . grumble grumble

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  • I came across this last night. That cat deserves a medal. Who is going to volenteer to pin it on him? :P

    Did you ever see the front of Jack? :)

  • Only rarely, like dinner time :P

  • I always get a heavy treat ball thrown at me when Megs hungry. She likes to work for her food by chasing the ball until all the food has dropped out,Then if she is still hungry she throws it back at me,

    That there dog aint right in the head. :P

  • she's a border. What do you expect? Loopy energy is in their make up. I remember marvelling how they can run. Someone was throwing the ball down a hill and it didn't seem the dog was a any slower up hill than down :P

  • Love it......Jack in full force :-) I'm having to kick my iPad, it's not playing ball, off to Exeter to get it fixed email is up the spout and I can't always get on here even ! Now it's my turn to join (((Mr Badger))) in grumble grumble ........ggrrr

    Foggy x

  • I was just glad the hole was to small to accommodate his entire body :P :P

  • Hello my friend, hope that you are well today?

    I saw this on the news and sat with my mouth wide open (full of biscuits) at what I was watching? It is an incredible clip for sure!

    Take care


  • I used to have a cat like that when I was young. Honestly, if anyone made me cry (or if she thought they had) she chased them off. She was normally such a gentle little thing too!

  • I love this story - what a wonderful little cat. Jack has a, ah, very cute rear! Typical terrier.

  • I saw this on the news. How fantastic. Such a shame the dog turned nasty as he came from next door, so must have met the little boy before, well i assume so.

    Although he was bitten quite badly i was so relieved to hear he was ok xx

  • How can anyone say cats are evil. Shame on you all!

  • They're intent on world domination, didn't you know? In James Bond Movies its the cat controlling the human :P

  • I can't see how they can control the world, but yes, thy do control us humans in the nicest possible way. Well, didn't the ancient Egyptians worship them as gods!

  • my point precisely :P

  • dogs have masters, cats have staff :P

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