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I have recently applied for PIP,stage one is a phone call to them to see if you will get a form sent out which lasted 20 mins,the chap

I spoke to on the phone was cold, emotionless and bordering on rude, he made me feel like a low life , he then advised that I would have to attend a medical at their centre,he advised that if I was a lift user then I would be required to take an able bodied person with me that would be able to carry me down the stairs if a fire broke out!!!not only do I not know someone that could carry me down the stairs but it would cause me unbearable pain.I informed him that he was talking out of his backside as this would be a health and safety risk, to which he then informed me that if this wasn't suitable then depending on my disability I maybe entitled to a home visit but there is a waiting list.I've worked full time for as long as I can remember and paid my tax's and still do although each day is a struggle and I do have sick days I just need help with mobility as for the care side I get help from family,Don't feel i'm asking alot.

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Hi netty 1962 well I am sorry to hear that you were mistreated like that by these people I can't imagine how your feeling right now but your right there is a waiting list I've been waiting since the end of October I hope that if you ring pip again there will be a much nicer person honey take care sending gentle hugs your way. Ros xx


Hi Netty, this is just a starter in the feast that is trying to claim benefits if you have health problems. The coldness and the rudeness are not typical, neither is being told you might need to be carried down stairs, thankfully. Howeve being made to feel you are less worthy than someone else and having to wait months and months for something that you are actually entitled to claim is very typical. I posted my PIP form in early Feb and don't expect to hear anything until July/ August and that is without having to wait longer for a home visit. A friend of mine has way more significant health issues than me and put her form in in November last year and still hasn't heard anything because they are so back logged.

Like you I have worked all my days but now can barely walk to my car, let alone work. I would love to be able to work again and hate being so dependent. My employers have recommended medical retirement and the powers that be are still making their minds up. The reports state that I am unlikely to be fit for work again before my official retirement age but when I went to my local benefits advice centre for help with some of the forms I was told that most people get turned down for PIP the first time but get it on appeal and the initial claim is taking 6 months and more to process.

I really is shocking how badly claimants are treated these days but it is mainly because of the people who claim benefits dishonestly and make their health sem worse than it is and the system, up till recently, has allowed this so now things have gone too far the other way. Good luck with your claim, Linda.


thanks for the support Vixen49 and lruk ,it is much appreciated,i did apply for disability last year but was turned down so i dont hold much hope this time but anything is worth a try.Iget what you are saying about people claiming when they dont need it i know of plenty that do this and it makes me angry.Lets hope neither of you have to wait much longer i cant believe how long you've already been waiting.Gook luck to both of you, i would keep my fingers crossed but that would be too carexx


Sorry to hear about your run in with the telephone person. I rang them myself back in March and the woman was at least courteous.

I have received a letter from Atos about the claim, basically being told I have to wait a considerable time for just the assessment.

I've not worked for the last two and a half years since moving, but as I am a full time carer, I have not looked. I spent a year doing voluntary work several days a week, then went in to training before fibro hit and stopped it all. :(

Hope you have better luck this time round.


Hi netty1962

I am so sorry to read of your appalling treatment and I genuinely hope that you can forget about the lack of civility afforded to you as you are a wonderful and honourable person who deserves better treatment than this.

Anybody who can talk this way to a disabled person does not deserve a second thought, and I would hope that he is not representative of the benefits system.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim and I hope that you qualify for your PIP.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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