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Hi all, I,ve noticed that many of you have other conditions as well as fibro. When I was diagnosed the rheumy said that this was usually the


Case, I,m healthy apart from depression which was well controlled with medication. So, I,m wondering if anyone else was OK before fibro. My fibro was sudden onset, anyone else the same?

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Hi wildwoman

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Unfortunately I had already got long term underlined health issues such as chronic asthma, COPD, arthritis and migraines. Suppose I was a prime candidate for Fibro?

However, I would personally class depression as a long term underlined health issue myself? As I worked in mental health for such a long time.

I genuinely hope that you can get some really good replies to this as it is a very interesting topic.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I was already had other conditions like asthma and COPD befor i got told I ha fibro x

Hello, I have only recently been diagnosed with FM, originally was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis!! Think I have both to be honest (still early days). I also think I have IBS which is linked apparently to FM. Who knows! But in answer to your question is yes it seems that FM brings with it other problems. Think mainly stress related. I hope this helps and best wishes x

Hi kmc-cudsleepforaweek

I just thought that you may like to know that I also have Arthritis and Fibro, so it is possible to have both!

Take care

Ken x

Hii and welcome

I'm new here too..just a few days in and I am already learning so much.

I had depression for the last 25-30 years and the meds were controlling this just fine.

Fibro hit me with a vengeance and very suddenly ..so suddenly that I haven't had a chance to see a rheumatologist or a proper Dr for pain meds ..Oh and by the way Dr no appointment again today.. Phone just rang Dr had emergency so I'm stuck again..but yes sunshine To be honest other than feeling some pain before in my back I was OK until a few mths ago when the headaches started and a downward spiral from then...today I'm disappointed now ..no Dr appointment so I'm confused as to what to do..I think I'll take out the yellow pages and let my fingers do the walking to find a pain clinic.. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and just go..here I go .I wish you all the best in this journey. Take care my fibro friend.


Hi wildwoman & welcome.

My Fibro started after birth of my daughter 7 years ago, it gradually got worse over a couple of years until I realised that it was more than just being sore & tired as a new mum (it was also masked by post natal depression & antidepressents i was taking for 3yrs). It then took 2 yrs before being diagnosed 2 yrs ago.

Before Fibro, I had IBS and back pain but no other illnesses. I used to consider myself fit & healthy. Since having Fibro I developed a diseased gallbladder (now removed), vitamin d deficiency (which i believe may have led to ostiomalacia as i have severe hip & pelvis pain), hyper sensitivity to medication including allergic reaction to local anaesthetics, low blood pressure and raynauds. I also have lots of symptoms which others seem to have had diagnosed as other illnesses (I.e miofacial pain, TMJ, can't remember name of it but chest pains that feel like heart attack but aren't) I've also been told by physio I have hyper mobility, however GP will not label/diagnose any of these things & just tells me yes it's all Fibro related & sends me on my way with no help or pain relief.

Have to find new GP, as mine won't listen to me at all & just laughs at me! Trouble is only other GP is in another village & I can't drive anymore & too far for mobility scooter.

I think what I'm trying to say is: yes some people have illnesses already and Fibro is secondary. Others have primary Fibro and develop other illnesses after Fibro rears its ugly head.

I hope you have a more understanding GP and get some help & support, you can certainly rely on the lovely people on this site for support. X

agtf1 in reply to agtf1

Just to say that the comment about "primary & secondary" Fibro is my personal opinion and not a medical one :0) x

Hi Wildwoman hope you are well today,

My fibro like yours was very quick to manifest. Prior to that I was an averagely fit 45yr old with all the odd aches and pains!! Since then it just seems like one thing after another and I'm sick of being sick!! Have now got IBS and am trying to manage as best I can without taking another pill. Worried about depression though as 4yrs ago I suffered and between appts. and trying to get the medical profession to take me seriously I am getting further down, trying to do a lot of PMA and relaxation techniques which do seem to help.

Have a good day x


Hi wild woman,

I was a very fit and healthy 24 year old and in the Royal Navy. I injured myself in training and tore 2 ligaments in my knee. My fibro came on gradually after that.

I think it is an illness that takes a long time to understand and come to terms with and we need to do many different things to try and manage it.

Gentle hugs to you

Becky xx

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, sometimes with the help of medication but most often not. I have had various bone and muscle problems going back 20 years, requiring physio every 2nd year or so. 2 years ago I had a very slight accident with a chair which left a very large haematoma on my leg. 6 months later it became infected and required surgery to sort it out, although it could have been treated much quicker and more easily if done at the start. This left me with lymphoedema and the fibro started creeping in from there leaving me in a massive flare by September 2013. Now I am battling to get the medics to take me seriously and understand that the fibro and what it has cost me in terms of my 'normal' life is causing the depression and anxiety, not the other way round.

I totally agree with beckyglen in that it does take considerable time to realise the impact that it has and how best to work with it to prevent any additional pain. Linda


I had a shoulder op, and then a further 4 operations all in one year. I was seeing a rheumatologist, as I had bad anaemia. I told him, I felt really ill and some days it just hurt too much to move. He asked loads of questions and made me walk to check my spine, then did the tender points (to which I nearly hit the roof). He diagnosed me with fibro and I have continually gone down hill from then. But it felt like I lost my 'normal' life over night. I did have depression for 17 years, IBS, chronic asthma, osteoarthritis, bursitis. But I suffered an emotional trauma out of the blue and am convinced it was this that bought my fibro on. I think extreme stress is a link that should be explored as to one of the reasons people get fibro. Hope that helps, and hasn't bored you to sleep!X

wildwoman in reply to Lizzyear

Hi, I was interested to read your reply. The year before I had fibro was such a stinker emotionally, and I agree that that brought on the fibro, I,m not very strong in that respect, and I didn't realise what pressure I was under. I feel exactly the same, I lost myself in the space of two weeks, and although its been 18 months now, I still haven't really adjusted. I,ve just been given some sessions with a psychologist, hoping that,all help. My turn to bore you now! Thanks for your reply, not bored at all! Best wishes, sallyxx

hi, I'm new and desperate to find out what is wrong with me. I've been to so many RA's & had so many different diagnosis that have left me nothing but confused & depressed. I suffer from deep muscle aches, mostly from the waist own. I have sciatica that comes & goes. Low back pain. My knees constantly hurt & they sometimes swell for no obvious reason. My ankles ache. I'm constantly tired. The last RA told me all of this was caused by my weight. My weight? Do knees swell because of weight? Do others that are overweight wake up with their legs on fire? I'm so stiff in the morning or when I've sat for too long and this is caused by weight? I don't weigh 300 pounds. I weigh 214 pounds and yes this does aggravate my pain but cause it? I don't think so. My pain began after menopause. Before that the only pain I had were monthly migraines. No muscle pain or knee pain. No low back pain. My sed rate had never been high. And I weighed the same. I never suffered from stiffness and I never felt any pain on rainy days. But now I do. And why would cortisone take my pain completely away if my weight caused this pain? I have a feeling I have Fibromyalgia but no RA has ever considered it. I need to find a knowledgable & compassionate doctor that doesn't blame everything on weight. And, yes I'm trying to lose weight but as everyone knows, its not as easy as pushing a button. Especially when it's difficult to walk even a little bit and the pain is getting worse. BTW: I gained all of this weight after being put on anti-depressants & anti-seizure medication to help with the migraines. They did nothing for the migraines but I did gain 100 pounds in a year. Before that, I weighed 125 pounds. I had been thin all of my life. I will NEVER take any kind of anti-depressant, no matter what. Thank you for listening & any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

TheAuthor in reply to PROFJPR


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these problems.

I have arthritis, my knees swell which is fluid, and this can be alleviated by using anti-inflammatory medications, but you should discuss this with your GP first. My physiotherapist told me that with osteoarthritis that you do not get swelling as it is a wear and tear type of illness with the gristle between joints wearing down. She said that with Rheumatoid Arthritis the joints are more likely to swell and go reddish in colour. I have pasted you the NHS Choices link to this below:


One of the main treatments of Fibro are Antidepressants (used as neural inhibitors) in conjunction with pain medication, so if you got a Fibromyalgia diagnosis they would try and get you to take them? As you have already discovered, many of them can make you increase your weight.

It may be necessary for you to seek out an understanding GP for help since they have not been too useful for you so far?

I really hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Mdaisy in reply to PROFJPR


I wondered if you or your GP had considered the possibility of the condition Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) as swelling is not associated with Fibro.


PMR responds very well to steroids too and you've mentioned you have had some relief from Hydrocortisone. Is that oral or injection may I ask?

Obviously I am not a Doctor and only mention this out of interest. Is it possible to have a few conditions as a primary and a secondary. So whatever is causing the swelling may have triggered Fibro as a secondary condition.

Pre-existing conditions (even if the other diagnosis comes after the Fibro diagnosis), such as Hypermobility Syndrome, Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis can also lead to Fibromyalgia, when it is then often referred to as secondary Fibro


Chronic widespread pain is usually the primary symptom of Fibro. This can be aches, as if you have the flu or have run a long race; it can feel like joint pain, as if you have arthritis; it can be burning pain, feeling like someone is pouring acid through your body; or it can be shooting pain, as if you are being stabbed with large needles


I would consider speaking with another GP and/or speaking with Patient Advice & Liaison Service plus you can write to your practice manager and you are entitled to a second opinion.



If you are diagnosed with Fibro, please do check out our 'All about Fibro' factsheets, how is Fibro Treated and other info


I wish you all the best

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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