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Hello. Hope everyones day is going well. I am on lyrica 25 twice a day and tramadol for fibro and have fallen four times this year

I have pains in my feet, legs, arms, neck and shoulders. I also get very painful fingers and wrists. I feel as if my hands are weak when holding , lifting things and have lost my grip on things I am trying to lift and dropped them. Does any one else have this problem with falling and hands or know of a way to help.

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yes, yes and yes. I was given wrist splints at the hospital which has helped with the dropping things. Mind you, there are often expensive sounding crashing noises in my home :-).

I also fall quite often. Not sure how to prevent that happening but I do avoid standing on kitchen steps, etc.

Hope the tramadol is helping. I find it works quite well for me.




Thanks. Good to hear im not alone. Got to the stage where I just stay away from anything too breakable. Things flying through the air as they slip out of my hands is a bit of a norm now in our



Oh yes I not only drop them I also throw them, so stay away from me when I pick up a carving knife.

sue xx


Hi you are right the flying through the air bit, cups, plates in fact it could be anything is a bit of a standing joke in our house now. I usually hear "dont let mum lift that" You have to laugh dont you


It is amazing how far peas can roll when you drop the serving dish :-)


Its great to be able to have a laugh about it. Its got to the stage if anything gets broke or lost (always forgetting where I leave things) in our house I get the blame wether im guilty or not.


When I drop things, hubby always says " that sounded expensive". Mind you, he is very good natured about it.


I drop things a lot, especially in the kitchen which has a hard tiled floor. I get told, "don't move" and I have to stand there till I'm told its safe to move.

Sweet really, he's just worried I'll fall on something sharp and really hurt myself!


I also drop things and fall over a lot. It's frustrating but does have it's funny side at times.

One night last week I was staggering out of the bathroom and I completely lost my balance and very nearly fell in the bath. I only stopped myself by grabbing hold of something as my right leg thumped hard up against the side of the bath (nice bruise). I am very glad I didn't have an audience for that.

I expect many of us do the same - walk into doorways instead of through them? If I toddle along our landing I sometimes lose my balance and fall into the wall, then have at times ricocheted into the opposite wall... depends upon the initial force I suppose,

We never bought any expensive china and only use cheap glassware and so forth as it's only going to end up in bits. The pretty stuff stays behind glass and where I can't reach it easily. When we were both working we bought a dishwasher as I was always breaking things on the taps. Well that was one reason - once we had the dishwasher I just dropped things into it and broke several things in one go, so that solved that then....

My husband is terrified of me throwing the dogs their toys to fetch - I've broken outside lights, had balls land in next door's garden (yes, we did have to ask for our ball back please) even though the garden is quite wide and I wasn't remotely aiming in that direction. My crowning achievement is probably when I broke my arm on a door. I was throwing a ball outside through double doors, with one shut, and smashed my arm into the closed door. I was dangerous before fibromyalgia - use my arms too much when talking and people usually move cups and glasses out of my reach. My husband loves my cooking but I think there is a small part of him that is slightly relieved that I can't do it very often as it means less burns and cuts. I try and sneak it past him but then hear 'what have you done now?' We used to get through a small fortune in plasters and bandages.

At least we know we're not alone...




Hi me to i also take the same meds and it feels like its just getting worse.


Mine really is getting alot worse and although I make fun and try to joke about it because I feel it does me more good to keep upbeat sometimes it all just comes in on top of me and the best medicine for me then is to have agood cry and get it out of my system. But if anyone does know of any meds they have got from the doc to help I would be grateful to know about it


Hi lekcam

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am very accident prone myself, and it gets me somewhat worried on occasions? So you are definitely not alone with this issue.

However, it is advisable to discuss this issue with your GP just to rule anything else out and to keep your GP up to date with how you are getting on?

Many GP surgeries keep a 'falls register' for patients who tend to fall a lot. If your surgery has one of these lists, then you may possibly get yourself placed on it? Then if you ever need back up and support when applying for a benefit there is a record of your falls.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks for advice. I musr go see doc again. You get so used to dealing with your symptoms sometimes you forget to keep doc updated on whats going on


I had my right foot stop working after I'd been sitting, happened randomly and only happened about 5 times. Test's didn't revel anything. As for my hands I have hardly any strength left in them. For years I have used only plastic dishes so I won't break them. Hope you start feeling better sweetheart!!!


Thanks so much


Yes weak hands, pain, dropping things. for me it usually happens when i am doing too much with my hands especially repetitive things such as typing or things that need pressure such as rolling pastry - so what helps is being able to not do those things for a considerable period.


Yes. Rest and plenty of it and pacing yourself with what needs done is a good idea


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