Here's a little ditty, I wrote it myself! It's called "FIBRO"

I hurt all over, my brain is a mess,my legs don't work and some days I can't dress!

My hands and my fingers cannot do a lot, I drop things and break things and cannot hold a pot!

My legs and my feet will not let me explore, the places I went to, or the things I did before!

My bowel also suffers,but do you really want to go there?

I don't think you do, and it wouldn't be fair!

I have fibromyalgia, and these words are true, so thank your lucky stars, that its me and not you!!

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  • Hi ninjananna, I love your ditty it made me laugh, but it's time for me to take my bath. I hope my legs will get me there, if not I will just have to stand and stare. My sleepless nights are causing trouble, my days are long and seeing double. I can only hope that things get better, I hope you like my little letter. x x.

  • Hahahaha!! Blokie, that was fab!! God I love this site!!! A bit of laughter after my tears this morning!!... xxxx

  • I love you all for keeping my spirits up. As you know, sometimes it's hard. . .

    Isn't it strange, sometimes the best laughs are on oneself?

    i.e. graveyard humour

    I'm not a poet, and I know it

  • Fenbadger I'm glad you liked it! I used to write poetry years ago when suffering from depression! Started again as I'm back in that dark place a lot of the time! Just helps to take my mind off things.. xx

  • Good and keep it up. Keep sharing it, too. It brightens those dark moments for the rest of us :-)

  • Very good, excellent reply :) xx

  • fab .love them both.

  • Fantastic Ninja I love it :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • That's very good ninja, I did the same when in was younger I wrote a fair bit if poetry mostly when I was down, still have in a folder some where......why were you in tears this morning.....yes I think this a a great site for cheering us all up....Dee xx

  • Hey Cookie, thanks! I still have everything I wrote all those years ago as well. Got myself in a bit of a state this morning, I find it quite difficult trying to talk about whats going on! But on a good note I feel like I'm moving forward!! PIP are sending some forms to fill in and I have an appointment with CAB to help with those and my housing situation. Much love!

  • Hi ninjananna,

    That is really good and it has also brought some more talent to light, which is great :-)

    If you were to go over to the posting section you will find that there is a poetry corner there, so you can meet up with people of like minds and have some fun together creating poetry. - it's a good diversion :-) well done :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi there

    That was excellent, I really loved it!


  • Hahaha that made me giggle this morning x

  • Hi ninjannanna that's a great poem and fits for me too!

    Best wishes


  • Hi Ninjanana

    That really made me smile....very well put. It is important with the Fibronthat we humour ourselves, it helps u through the days. Funny enough I used to write poems as far back as when I was at school. U keep it going. Take good care! X

  • Nice!

  • Like the ditty


  • Brilliant - love it! :-)

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