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DLA/PIP why have they put my DLA to PIP and stop my money


Hi help I sent my renewal DLA form back for the 27/2/2014.

Then on the 6th March I got a letter saying that although they have received a claim for DLA, they could not do anything as it had been replace by PIP ( you can not claim DLA but you can claim for PIP so we have sent your DLA claim from to the PIP unit to treat as a claim for PIP. The PIP unit will write to you about your claim as soon as they can.

Then on the 18th March DLA sent the same letter out to me.

Then PIP sent me out a PIP form to fill in ??

When I phone them and said that my DLA had stop PIP said that it should not have stop, so I phoned DLA and they said my DLA form got to them late and that is why they stop payment.

I said I sent this form back in enough time for it to reach them before the 27/2/2014 and that I have no control of the post, or there departments, and that it was sent of in enough time to reach them, plus they never in any of the letter say it was late etc. can anyone give me some info on this and how long PIP will take etc. would much appreciate thank you

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Hi real sorry its devastating news for you . Afraid I don't know the way it works but I know that the sight has links for benefits but would personally y ring CAB xx

When you sent off the forms did you get the free Proof of Posting slip as this could prove that you sent them off in good time?x

sharron1 in reply to rosewine

No I just put it in the post box, about a week before it was due, it was due on the 27 Feb and they sent me out a letter a week later after it was due on the 6th March

Hi sharron1

I am so sorry to read that this has happened to you and I genuinely hope that you can get some resolution to this? I think talking to the CAB would be a good first step?

It is a shame that you do not have proof of posting? As it could be that they had it all along and they were late processing your claim?

I have pasted you a couple of links below to the CAB and Know Your Rights, so I hope that these are useful to you:



I want to wish you the best of luck with your claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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