Depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, personality changes and panic attacks are all symptoms that may accompany fibromyalgia. They do not cause FM; in fact, they are more likely to be the result of it.

I has proved difficult in the world of Fibro research to prove that fibromyalgia is a very real physical illness, some patients still have to cope with healthcare professionals who persist in thinking it is primarily a psychiatric problem.

I've been battling for 20 years with it and yes it has taken a long time to learn how to manage my pain alongside the depression, which, for me was caused by the pain many many years ago and then became anxiety disorder due to not being believed.

I know many of you have experienced similar situations and had 'it's all in yer head' to deal with too. So here are a couple of articles for you to read. It is possible to live with it if you put the right measures in place.


This article discusess how a psychiatrist is in a good position to both understand ant treat Fibromyalgia taken from the research section of our Mother site I find it really interesting! :)

The Psychiatrist confronted with a Fibromyalgia Syndrome patient

The following link is to an article from titled: Chronic Pain and Depression: Managing Pain When You're Depressed

This link also takes you a very, very tiny 'article' titled : Pain Management: Psychological Therapy


'The American Pain Foundation estimates that one-quarter to more than half of those who complain of pain to their doctors are clinically depressed. Being in chronic pain makes it less tolerable to deal with daily activities, which can lead to depression. Why? There’s a biologic connection at work: Pain and emotional sensations share the same brain pathway. Chronic pain can cause changes in brain chemistry that not only magnify the severity of the pain, but may also lead to clinical depression. Medications and therapy can treat both chronic pain and depression.'

(Article : Take the Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Chronic Pain? Charlotte Libov WebMD Magazine - Feature Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD)

Hope you find the reading both interesting and useful :)

Please remember that I am not a medical professional and nothing I've written or posted should override that which is said by your GP. If you have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or any other mood disorders, please go and have a chat with you GP. Left untreated, these symptoms can actually exacerbate many of your other symptoms (e.g., Anxiety causes stress; stress contributes to pain, insomnia, increased fatigue, digestive problems, etc.) and seriously interfere with your quality of life.

Wishing you all wellness and sunshiny fluffies

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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