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You may be interested to check out these links


................... can be difficult, exhausting, waring, confusing, frustrating, challenging :o and so on

I speak from 20yrs personal experience of learning how to live with it and manage it. It has not been an easy journey and has involved many CPNs, counsellors, even a pyschiatrist, pyschotherapist and many years of differing treatments and approaches.

I know that we all battle the 'I'm depressed because I'm in pain' but they like to treat us because 'you're in pain because you are depressed'.

Professional methods of treatments have changed but it's a two-way street and it is down to you to learn how to control it and is also why Pain management courses take such an holistic approach to treatment.

Take a read of this Post from the Past titled: hi was wondering how many of you had depression before fibromyalgia stuck its claws in???


This is also worth a read : Becoming an Expert Patient Article 5: Listening to your body By Lindsey Middlemiss taken from fibroaction.org

The following are taken from WebMd.com

This is a really good article discussing the following: Chronic Pain and Depression: Managing Pain When You're Depressed from the Depression Health Center


Mental Health Center: Depression, Anxiety, and Physical Health Problems - Topic Overview


Well I hope this isn't too much info to bombard you with but it's all part of our self education :)

Of course none of this should override the advice of your GP it is essential to speak to your GP first. I am also not a medical professional just sharing some info with my fibro friends :)

Healing fluffies filled with sunshine to you all :) xxxsianxxx :)

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Thank you sian. A lot to take in as you say, but I will make a start thinking it all thru'. You may not be medically trained, but with your unique inside knowledge of fibro and your other health probs, you are an expert at helping others. Thank you & gentle hugs, Julie xxxxx


Thank you Julie for your very kind words they mean a lot to me :)

In my personal experience and learning it takes time to learn these things and there are so many things to take into consideration that you possibly wouldn't even normally think of. We are all students of life and this is part of that, for me anyway or I'd have no life :)

It's difficult to advise on too because we have so many differences from one case of Fibro to another ranging from the medications we take, level of mobility, severity of pain, relationships, family and friends, lifestyle, whether we still work or not but also what other unending lists of illnesses we all have. It's about the approach to it and how to embrace it into your life and accept it's there.

I love the lady I go to rant to she's fab and very funny we're both as creaky as each other when we move too but I get to empty my head of all the things connected to the above which are affecting my illnesses............... because of the knock-on effect they all have on each other.

I must admit at one point in time for quite a while I felt like I was in limbo land not having a clue where I fitted in, just carrying on life in catch 22 with no support or guidance, because I had to fight tooth and nail that I was depressed because of the pain, it was affecting my sleep, my abilities and my activity levels.

I don't mind sharing my experiences if they help others to understand or to compare their own cases that is how I found out about Fibromyalgia :)

Very pleased to have been helpful Julie and sending you some lovely lavender calming fluffies filled with sunshine smiles :)

:) xxx sian xxx :) PS sorry for the epic response got a bit carried away.................. oops! not like me at all :o heheheh :) xx


Thanks for that, very interesting one to keep


Thank you and you're very welcome :)


I echo Julie's sentiments entirely sian, you have unique insight and that is so valuable and kind of you to share. Many many thanks :-)

Foggy x


Can I kiss your feet Sian?

They are very good articles and I looked briefly at the UK ones as well.

It's great learning from someone with experience. But I'm sorry you had to have the experience for me to learn from.

I see a certain confirmation if several things.

1 pain and anxiety/ depression are linked but don't necessarily cause each other and can we add stress to that mix?

2 we are an immensely complex creature with the most amazing brain - it's no wonder it goes a bit adrift from time to time.

3 Holistic treatment of life has great value. I've heard people say things like "if you eat this and that all your problems will be over" "if you dose yourself with this and that all your problems will be over” “if you behave like this and that all your problems will be over"- IF ONLY it were that simple I’d be slim, handsome and yomping over Antarctica.

As Foggy says, we are all different and the product of many factors, not all of them self inflicted.

I said in another post that from listening to learned persons we seem to be influenced by not only genetics as such but factors such as our grandmothers’ lifestyles. Eg my mum’s eggs were formed during the depression of the 1930s –therefore in a sense so was I. So gran’s diet and state of health affect what I am now, as did my mum’s diet and state of health while she was growing me.

I can’t change that but I can change my basic intake. Most of us know what that is in terms of protein, carbs fat, vitamins and trace elements – so a HEALTHY BALANCE DIET, moderate exercise – if you can – if only it were that simple.

There are people who are prone to depression. I know a couple of long term sufferers who have no apparent reason.

In long term pain/immobility who would not get at least a “bit down”. I remember a recent appointment with my diabetic nurse who wasted most of the session trying to convince me I should be depressed and really quite cross I wasn’t. I take my doctor’s advice and follow a treatment strategy and will do so with Fibro. Yes there will be times even so that I need to crawl in a hole and pull it in behind me. I’m arrogant enough to think I’m “strong” – but what is that “strong”. I’ve no idea. We’re all different and react and respond in different ways.

I think it was Emma who posted a link to an article about antidepressants – a common treatment for fibro. In early stages they can increase anxiety to an undesirable degree, this is much discussed in medical circles as there’s been an inappropriate and unacceptably high suicide rate amongst young people in the early days of treatment without support. I’m sorry I cant quote the source(s).

This might link in to my other post today – well a question really.

Paul x :)


Hi zeb73

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for these links, they are wonderful and exceedingly thoughtful of you, thank you my friend.

Take care

Ken x


Hi Sian

Bless you for going to so much trouble to pass this very valuable information on to us all. I shall certainly have a look @ the links, thank you!!

I have been a sufferer for almost 30 years and I have seen, everyone possible in the Mental Health field/Pain Management ect. ect.

I hope you are not too bad today?

Many thanks to you

Sending you positive healing energies ((gentle Hugs))) Lynn XX <3


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