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Hi my fibro friends I hope you are all well ;) my question is.......what's the longest time anybody's waited for smear results? Helppp

Its been 7 weeks since I had all my tests done,they all come back ok EXCEPT for my smear results which were done first,my daughter went for hers a week after me and within two weeks she got her results back all ok thankfully but I'm fed up now because everytime I ring the doctors they tell me they haven't had anything back why are they taken so long it's just more and more worry I'm falling apart please any advice.......thanks for caring gentle hugz xxx ;)

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Dear Mandz I waited months to get my all clear, but conversely the one that I didn't want to hear came almost immediately. Stressing won't change the outcome, your results will arrive by post, most likely, please calm down.

X. Pm me if you need to talk


Hi I am in Nottingham and have just been for a laparoscopy and was told that any results are taking a lot longer than usual as they now also do a hpv test so all the labs are backed up. May be the same in your area x


Hi mandz

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have just asked my wife and she said 3 months due to a mix up! So I really hope that this helps you? That does sound like a long time to me?

I have also pasted you a link to the NHS Choices web page pertaining to this issue:

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that the results are good.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Mandz,

May I suggest that you chase your GP again and insist they chase up the results for you. If they say they've not got it, then they can definitely chase it up for you and should - that's their responsibility.

If you can remember where you had your test, you could also chase them and let them know that your results have not been posted out to you - you'll find their contact details on letters you've received after previous smear tests.

Wishing you the best. Try not to worry, my guess is that it's just Human Error because if something was amiss, you would have heard much sooner as they would have rushed to inform your GP and commence treatment.


I agree get back to the GP surgery but speak to the nurse who performed the smear just in case she has the result and it hasn't been put on the system yet.

Mine came back in under two weeks. In our surgery there is just one nurse that specialises in smears and swabs and she said to speak to her if i didn't hear anything.. I dont know of course how your surgery works, but they know that us women will be anxiously waiting to hear. So please dont delay dont worry what the receptionist says, speak direct to the nurse. She my have to call you back of course.

I wish you luck and hope the results come back ok xx


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