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I suffer fibro many years but officially diagnosed in 1997, renewing my white westminister parking badge.Refused I apealed,rejected help

My fibra is bad .i had asset done at home by one off their member .In one hour they ask u so many question,I do not know how they judge sickness.Our condition is such no one can see or feel.It is like a mental tougher no one can see but if it's a physical tougher. Every one can see.Any advice please.thank u

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Hello Jitandra,

I hope you are not feeling too bad today.

I was wondering if you are able to appeal the decision and if so, whether you can ask your doctor to help you with the application as he will have much more information regarding the affects of your condition and medications.

Do you have any other conditions as well? If so, make sure you highlight them in your appeal as well as how they impact on your Fibro and general wellbeing such as anxiety, Fibro fog/confusion or side effects of meds.

If you are turned down again, you may need to contact your local Councillor or MP for help.

I hope thing turn in your favour.

Stay Strong and Stay Positive.

Fight the Fibro!


Hi Reykua

I had Ceasarian,hystaractomy 1987,Mayjor bladder surgery,6 times laparoscope,Ethroscope on my right side of the ear.treated for PelumaryT.B.calpultunnel surgery both arm.which is back.My physical & mental state,Had been tougher.Fianacial problem split my family,got my both sons back .I lived in constant fear that there dad will come take them as he kept blackmailing me.Neighbores were bad so I never slept well at night,day time work .I was been pulled on four direction, 1 my dad (passed away4yrs) 2 my brother 3 my boys 4 husband harassment.

Well tide

U take care & thank u


I have been suffering for years. During all my trips before I was diagnosed, I did not work (too sick) and I just wanted answers. WHY was this happening to me, how can I get better, WHY won't I get better.. Now, it is 2014, and I work when I can. Very very debilitating. I applied for disability, and was DENIED due to the fact that I stopped working then. Prior to my sickness, I worked for 15 years full time teaching. It doesn't count. It's now, not then. UGH... If anyone tells you this does not affect the rest of your life, they are sadly mistaken. I'm here for you... Good luck!!


Thank u itsdebs ,make me feel good that it is not in my head as I am tired of people giving me advice of what to do and what to eat etc but what I went through they do not understand.

U take care & try for DLA again


Hi Jitandra

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not live in your area and do not really know anything about the matter I am so sorry to say. However, I have pasted you some links below that you may find useful.

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

Take care



Hi Author

Thank u for ur reply.Went to see my G.P. For A letter.


That's brilliant, I hope it turns out well for you.



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