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So Sorry

I have not been on with the pain and stress thats been going not feeling that good.

Hope you are feeling the best you can ((((hugs)))) to you all.

After phone up to apply for JSA while they look at the MR, I had the phone on loud speaker, the person on the other end was just so rude and hubby heard it all, so now his said thats it you are not applying for it we will sweat it out and manage on what we have.

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Hi Jar1 :)

That is so awful and I personally would make a complaint and still apply so that your stamp gets paid. I know it's gruelling but maybe after a sleep and things have settled a little bit please try again :)

This link takes you to the complaints procedure page at it gives you the details about how to complain about your personal experience with the person on the phone from job centre plus.

I hope you do try again, try not to let someone prevent you for applying for something you need and are entitled to.

Comforting and healing fluffies on route to you both

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi jar1, can't stand rudeness absolutely no need for it. I would complain and still apply. I am going through a similar process at the moment and it is stressful, but don't let them beat you that's what they hope for!

Take care x


Hi jar1

I am so sorry to read of your terrible and inexcusable experience with the DWP. I would personally lodge a complaint and still claim the money as you are legally entitled to your benefits.

I want to wish you and your husband all the best my friend

Take care



Hi Jar1

So sorry you are feeling so ill and I do hope you feel a bit better soon as I know how pain itself leads to stress (or rather my family do).

With regard to your telephone call to DWP there is no excuse whatsoever for rudeness, did you get the persons name or if not do you have the time and date of the call so you can write in and complain as they have the calls logged so I believe (and they say recorded in case of aggression or bullying hah!!).

Also this is possibly another way of putting people off from claiming. Do not fall for their mind games, Claim for what you are due, do not let them get you down, beat them at their own game.

Sorry for going on but I do think this is a ploy of the DWP to put people off, listen to what Zeb73 and Pippa49 are saying and check out these sites, check the CAB also as they are a great help.

There are some sites that help with advice in filling in these forms, just Google the title and number of the form and you will find loads.

When I first became really ill we had a representative from the housing association where we live to help us fill in all the forms and he would ring these people and he was great and we became quite good friends. If you live in a housing association property they may have a disability representative so that is another possibility.

Please do not let them put you off getting what is your right.

Take care and kindest regards



I had exactly the same problem last year! Before I was diagnosed with fibro I was being treated for carpal tunnel syndrome. (Problems with my hands and arms) When I rang the DWP to find out what was happening with my claim I came across a very rude lady who said that she has CTS and still manages to get out of bed to do a days work! I found myself getting more and more adjitated with her attitude towards me and on a bad day would have just burst into tears! But......I must have had my strong head on that morning and told her....."I have called you today to see if you can help me with MY!!! problem... Not discuss YOURS!!! Anywho..... Long story short....I won my appeal and have now put in my claim for pip!! I have worked all my life and even as a single parent worked around my boys schooling until they could look after themselves! I AM entitled to the help now I cannot work and I WILL fight for it if I have to!! I truly hope you will do the same and not be put off

by the bully tactics of the DWP! Much!


I've also come across the bullies, I had to go to the job center a few weeks ago as my certificate had been LOST by DWP and i needed to have another 1 faxed over quickly, i was told that i needed to go up stairs i said that i could'nt manage the stairs so i was told the lady would come down...Yes i sat and waited and waited and still i waited until another lady came over and said she would call her down for me...(sorry i'm going on) Just before the lady came down with a face like thunder, a lady came in on a scooter to wait for the same lady... And when she came down the look she gave was a picture when she snatched my certificate out of my painful hand and told me to wait and then went over to lady on a scooter and said sorry that she'd had to wait then came back to me who was near tears and in so much pain and told i could leave and she'd fax my certificate when she had time, normally in my pass life i would've pulled her up right there but i just left and came home and wrote a stinking letter to DWP.. Don't let these horrible people stop you from claiming like all of us we've worked all our lives and we paid our taxes!!! I cant believe all the hoops we have to jump through to get any help, I've now had to get my MP to help me fight for ESA & PIP..

Keep fighting for your rights my friend and let us know when you've claimed..

Sunshine hugs to you xxxx


Don't they always pick on the vulnerable. Loads of soft gentle hugs :)


Have heard the news that Atos are going??????

I've got my assessments next week for ESA & PIP I'm already worried so flare up is already bad..

Dose anyone have any more news????

Sunshine hugs xxx


Thank you so much fof all your replys,so sorry I havent reply had a Oesophageal Manometry yesterday and after 4 attempts she gave up !!!!!

Hubby still saying that I am not applying for JSA and we will manage.

On a good note show my GP (my 4 weekly check) showed him the letter about failing the medical and that I have asked for a MR he reply let them bring it on I am ready wooo hoooo so at least I know my gps on my side

gentle hugs to you all xxxxxxx Jenny


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