Biscuit alert

Dear friends, I am asking for your help today because one of our dear colleagues is in trouble. Ssh, (whispering) I think Ken,s biscuit consumption is getting out of hand. I,ve noticed a hint of panic when he runs out, and I think he,s near breaking point with the bourbons, anyone any idea how we, as a caring community, can help? Xxx p.s biscuit addicts can be very sensitive, be tactful!

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  • Um, well he admitted to rich teas and coconut cookies as well. Now what can we find as a substitute that he won't devour? I'm not suggesting chocolate flavour fluffies :P

    Oh, and the n ginger snaps and chocolate muffins which look ever so like fluffies when the addiction is raging :P

  • Hey Mr Badger call my muffins fluffies in disguise? bad badger :P LOL

    No-one eats fluffies..............

    ............... not even evil moggies :O

  • OOoooohh! Chocolate flavour fluffies!

  • Nooooooooooooo Ken, leave them be. You do NOT want to incur the wrath of fluffmeister general. Quick, here's some bourbons. :P :P

  • Okay! I didn't eat many, honest!

  • OMG apart from panic what are we to do.

    I cant believe we're having a real time chat :P

  • hehehehehehe! I feel like that with my wife! I am not showing her this!

  • Will she hit you? :P

  • I cry when she hits me!

  • Maybe we could try and wean him of bourbons by swapping them with custard creams, brushed with gravy browning to disguise them?? Then when the bourbon habit is broken, stage an intervention telling him he has been fine without bourbons and that we feel that it is for his own good that he swap cream centres for Rich Teas? He's a decent man, surely if we told him of the effect his biscuit eating is having on this community it might shock him into helping himself?

  • Love the gravy browning, what a hoot! Xx

  • excellent suggestion.

  • Scream!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just can't help myself! They are so yummy!

  • Did you say coconut cookies, :P Where, where. PANIC STATIONS, I cant find them. :O I am off on gandsons skate board to get me down the hill to the shops to buy some, :)

  • lolololol

    Here I'll magic tash you so you get there and back quicker :P

  • Heeeeeelp Im wizzing down hill too fast.....Crrrrraaash.

  • twitch tweek twitcheroo twiteree tweek tweek

    There you go sue :)

    Zebedee boing!

    All safe and armed with coconut biccies and back on the sofa with a cuppa

  • oooh thanks Zeb, it got a bit scary there. I wizzed straight onto the big road and crashed into the bus to wolverhampton. I was just wondering if Wolvesguy could help me out when the fluffies turned up. Phew wont try that again..///

  • LOL

    I've just mourned another cold cup of coffee :o

  • just checked mine, empty :(

  • Sainsburys sell coconut cookies!

  • Just closed :(

  • There is a 24 hour store in Derby!

  • Another country up there. Our 24 hr stores close 10pm Saturday nite

  • hehehehhehe! Weird!

  • Thnks Ken but It`s a long way on a skateboard, seriously though if anyone can tell me were I can get coconut crumble creams /i`ll be your friend forever

  • >>>>>>>>>>> totters off to kitchen only to find a strange lack of ingrediments :o sure they were there yesterday, hmmmm ...... looks on counter and finds a trail of flour but with oddly feline footprints in.......can it be that the evil cats have mounted a covert action on dear Ken ??...........check your ingrediments everyone :o :o

  • Ahhhhhhh so it was you that has just interupted fluffies playtime with a moggie alert :P

    Security upgrade my dear friend you're on fluffie security mogcam so we can watch for infiltrators.

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They might steal my bickies!!!!!!!

  • Lalalalalalalalala >>>>>>>>>>>> totters back to bed :o

  • If you look outside your daily fluffies are playing in your garden

  • Is that why Meg keeps barking? If she doen`t shut it she will be sent down the hill. To play with the cars on the dual carrigeway.

  • Awwwwwwwwwww :o

  • A thought ! Yes I do have them sometimes why dont we get him A six foot trombochino it is the biggest fruit looks like s sort of butternut squash . Very good value we could challenge him to find different recipies for us all.

    what dpo you think zeb the new craze better than a boubon

  • You mean these?

    Interesting challenge I'd say gins but doubt it will beat the bourbon biccie

  • Looks disgusting :)

  • Bourbons are better than fruit! Long live the bourbons!

  • just had to look these up they look a bit rude to me. :O

    Can`t imagine what ken will find to do with them. :D

  • saucy............. I mean sauces, soups, pies mmmmmm roasted with cous cous

    nom nom nom

  • They look like invasion of the body snatchers to me!

  • Oh dear, just noticed amongst all the skateboarding and mentally abused dogs, that our dear friend is silent, do you think he,s offended, or buried in the biscuit tin? P.s don,t eat fluffies, they give you indigestion! I,m still worried a biscuity hand is going to burst out of my screen and strangle me, now I,m hiding behind the sofa! Xxx

  • I am finally home! I escaped from my grandchildren when they fell asleep! x x x x x

  • Meg is now playing my son up, following him around keep nudging him with her nose getting underfoot and barking at him. Think Ill swop her for a new mouse. :D

  • No no, be nice! X

  • It`s Ok she has finally gone to sleep and Son in law has ordered me a new mouse

    Spoke too soon. and G daughter has just said that we need to get a new dog and train it bettera.? :O :P

  • Awwww. Missed all that due to playing with granddaughter :o

  • Evening how goes the biscuit bashing??

  • Hello, fairly quiet, I think ken must be having a bad day, hope he,s ok

  • mnm munch crunch mnff

  • I have a packet in my hands and the wrapper is so shiny and clean, its crinkles and glistens in the light of my computer. Oh! Baby!

  • I have ADOSS attention defici . . ooh something shiny

  • hehehehhehehe! I used to have that but I ate it?

  • I was indecisive, now I'm not so sure :P

    And with that, good night folks :)

  • Nite my friend

  • Hi Paul how old is she? We have our 2 g kids overnight we are all off out tomorrow. and if my beloved g daughter gets hold of the wheelchair while I am in it I`m walking the rest.not that I don`t trust her(she says with sacasm.) :P :P :O

  • Hehehe. Not too big yet. 23 months. Can still keep up :)

  • Love em at that age, but hard work. :)

  • But you can wind them up and hand them back :P

  • Thats cruel besides you would NOT want to wind my gd up. nooo way.

  • Hehehehe bad badger. Have noticed bad is the middle of my name? :P

  • my parents did it to me :P

  • How about giving ken some Oreos and tell him there bourbons with a new filling, I'm sure he will love them....ken can pull them apart lick then then dip them in milk xx

  • I don't know if that's a good idea, Dee. I wouldn't want to get between an addict & his fix! Best keep a packet of bourbons at the ready just in case! Julie xx

  • I could have both? Please? Pretty Please?? x x x x

  • Control, boy. :P

  • My lactose free milk!

  • Hi cookie, that,s just being too kind, tough love is best. I still think we should go ahead with the gravy browning idea, aversion therapy! Xx

  • Tough love?

  • Am I bing too harsh?

  • Don't forget Ken's a left handed vampire biscuit eater. Poor love :P

  • Great news everybody! I am restocked with Bourbons Creams and Coconut Cookies! Panic over as I have had my fix.

    Biscuit addiction is a seedy world of plastic wrappers and soft inner centres. I have tried to seek help but I disgusted my counsellor with my habits of crumbs on the carpet. I need help! But I cannot help myself, I just have to eat them.

  • Oh bourbon wonderful how are you doing ken

  • Hi gins, all worn out this evening. Been looking after my grandchildren all day. They are lovely, but I accidentally made my granddaughter jump and she didn't half cry (she is only 4 months old)

    How are you my friend?

    Ken x x x x

  • Ok cheers watching Luther no novices there

  • Glad you had fun with your granddaughter

  • I thought I was finished with nappy changing and baby bottles years ago ...... it will be my son's turn for a baby next ..... (not giving birth himself obviously) x x x x

  • Glad its nearly bed time. This thread's long enough to break the system.

    Just going to finish my mug of G*l*xy hot chocolate mmmmmm :P

  • I hope you made me a hot choc. I do love it xxgins

  • Mmmm. I made plenty. here it comes in an insulated mug so you can nod off for the odd minute.

    Go to bed badger !!!!!!

  • Hmmm wow. Y licks lips

  • Uuuuhh! chocolate! Did you know that sainsburys sell lactose free easter eggs! I am having one next week.

  • Not easter next week :P


  • Yup bought one for my daughter just the other day xx

  • Can't wait to get one for myself! x x

  • I'm not itired

  • Me neither

  • Hey, we did it. Crashed the system or is it my lap top

    so I really will got to bed now. :P :P

  • No we did crash. Good night

  • I don't care if you're not tired. GO TO BED

  • I am so jealous lol

  • Talking of chocolate......I had a Costa hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows yesterday.....I'm still coming down off that cloud!!!!!!!!!!! XX

  • That sound wonderful, I am lactose intolerant, I still be on the toilet if I had that! Sorry that sounds quite gross! I mean I would be quite poorly if I had that (sounds better).

    Ken x

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