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What foods cause pain - what should I avoid, having lots of pains in chest, shoulder and neck and arms. which is not related AF been to ER

I was at Torbay today to see Arythma Nurse and had a ECG and blood pressure checked and had the pain then which did not affect my ECG- beat normal 60 bpm and my blood pressure was normal. Been to ER couple times with pains in chest etc and put it down to fibro and osteoarthritis which I have. Does eating porridge oats cause problems and anything else know about Soya milk in protein shake as trying to lose weight whilst taking Warfarin and Beta Blockers for AF

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Hi there shirlgale, as far as I know porridge oats are good for you, i eat them every day for breakfast, , does warfarin and beta blockers mak you put on weight then, I know that gabapentin and pregbalin does....I'm going thru a phase again with the neck arms shoulder and chest pains, not nice are they, makes you think it's something worse doesnt it, hope you have a better day tomorrow, sending you gentle hug....Dee xx


What do you have with the oats, if milk and sugar (sugar substitute) they could be the problem not the oats. One of my specialist said that eating a stone age diet would help with pain, but that does mean that any social life you had goes out the window. Only ever found one restaurant that does the right food and that is in Copenhagen.

with soya might be an urban myth but do not have thyroxine tablets within an hour of having soya.


Morning make your porridge with water and sweeten with honey or sugar free jam . Soya milk is surprisingly sweet as is goats . My daughter is lactose intolerant and wheat intolerant also has alergy to paprika so we have been changing eating and cooking must be for last two years or so. You do have to strict in how much oats you use or cereal we keep it to a firm 28gr.



Hi Shirlgal,

I hope you're feeling alot better and coping with your symptoms.

In my opinion, I think your visits to the ER are definitely related to the AF, warfarin, beta blockers and possibly the hypertension as they are the things that would impact directly on your heart functions. Having said that, it could be the Fibro so it would be a really good idea to speak to your GP about it as soon as possible just to put your mind at ease.

As others have already mentioned, Oats are great complex carbs and really good for you. If you're not prone to diabetes, you can have them with sugar, honey, jam, fruit - almost anything. The advice I was given was to reduce the amount of sugar every week so that by the fifth week, I realised that I only needed to put about half a spoon of brown sugar and it still tasted great to me. Now I've got to watch how many rasins, sultanas or fruit pieces I put in or it tastes too sweet for me.

I don't think you have anything to worry about regarding the Soya Milk. Because it's a milk made from plants (soya beans), it's a great, healthy and fat free alternative to animal milk and favoured by vegetarians, vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. I personally don't like the taste so always opt for skimmed milk instead.

May I finally suggest that you speak to the Practice Nurse at your doctor's surgery to discuss your diet and weight loss plan and ask for any suggestions and perhaps a referral to a Nutritionist who can personalise a plan for you and support you on your brave journey.

Well done for taking control of your health.

Stay Positive, Stay Strong.

Fight the Fibro.


Hi Shirlgal

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been having this problem and I really would talk to your GP about possible causes.

I was wondering what other medications you are taking in case their could be an interaction happening here?

I am allergic to beta blockers, as are many other people, how do you get on with them? Anybody who has asthma, COPD etc and using inhalers should not use beta blockers at all.

I am also allergic to soya, as are many other people, they create respiratory issues for me along with sweeteners and many other food additives, do you have any such issues?

As I say, you should really discuss this with your GP as their are so many possibilities. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your problems.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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