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Always seem to be on a low these dats

I've had fibro, ME, osteoarthritis , tinnitus , diabetes, plus a couple of age related medical conditions for several years, more or less all starting after a fall 19 years ago. I had a car crash with just whiplash injuries a couple of years ago and since that had near enough all downs . Feeling lethargic , general pain, and muscle burning, with all symptoms of fibro. Why can I not improve , has any body deteriated after a minor crash ....bump , life has just become very difficult with just the task of getting through the day . I am under pain management team, and take all usual fibro drugs plus OxyContin . Any ideas to help change this low pattern and help me with some improvement

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Hi there maggiemay, so sorry to hear you are feeling so low, that is part and parcel of fibro, are you taking any antidepressants if not ask you GP for some they do help and they also help some of the pain, if you are taking them maybe your GP could up the dosage, either way it's worth going back to your GP and explaining just how you feel, hope you have a better day tomorrow, .....sending you gentle hugs and a handful of sunshine....Dee x


Hello Maggiemay55

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

Since I have been coming on the site, I have read many posts from members asking if anyone else is getting worse, so I would have to agree with Foggy that we all can get rather low and have flare ups in our pain, and many of use antidepressants. However, I am sure that many other members have improved because of their drugs! So it really is a difficult question.

I think that we are all unique individuals and as a result we all react differently to both our illness and our medication. It may be worth discussing the issue with your GP to see what they can do for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi MaggieMay55,

Boy do I hear you! I really, really understand how you feel and the multiple health issues you have to contend with. I got so bad at one stage that I did seriously consider shuffling off this mortal coil and was really only stopped by thoughts of how my only child, my daughter would cope.

The good news is I'm still here to tell the tale. Not to sound prescriptive but it sounds like you're suffering from a bout of clinical depression. Now, you're probably thinking well of course it's depression duh, but what I mean is that you sound like you most definitely need to be on a combination of anti depressants and talking therapy.

May I suggest you print off your post on this forum and take it with you to your doctor, I'm almost completely confident that he will prescribe the above combination of drugs and therapy for you and if he doesn't, I suggest you request it yourself. Not all anti depressants work the same for everyone so be prepared for a little trial and error but be patient and walk the journey With your GP.

My doctor also sent me to a series of workshops called Managing your Condition - using a Cognitive Behaviour Approach, it's helped me come to terms with some of my issues but it's still a struggle sometimes to 'turn off the critical negativity'.

Don't wait for anyone else to push you out of your slump (it's natural to feel the way you do with all that's going on) but don't leave things as they are - go get your 'Happy' back and in the process, aim to get as much of your previous life back as you can. If I can do it, you definitely can and I know you want to because you posted on this forum.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you in the very near future with feedback on how you got on at the doctors and will check regularly for updates.

Wishing you all the very best. Go see your doctor, you won't regret it - I didn't.

Stay strong, stay positive.

Fight the Fibro!!


I am on a combination of anti depressants and also taking therapy and having counciling with my ME just don't seem to be moving forwards. Anti depressants changed as well but still very low , feel as though the pain dosnt relent and my capabilities become less. I try to feel positive and look at the good points , ie family etc, also been taught relaxation techniques which I use a lot but tend to just send me to sleep as as shutting my eys seems a signal for my body to sleep . I really appreciate the replies I have received and will take on board every bodies comments and hopefully will begin to move in the right direction x thanks everyone


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