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Fibro and families

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who answered my question on FM running in families. You are a very informative lot. From all your answers it would seem to be that way. Since I have two daughters I hope thy never have to battle this one!

Thought I was having a good day today, but tried to post a thank you earlier and don't know where I sent it. Anyway there it is now. Hope you are all as well as can be. Sincere hugs....Susan :)

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Hello Susan I know how you feel I have a daughter and a gandaughter as for missing posts i`m always losing mine :P hugs Susan


Morning, Hope I don't lose this one to you :p I also have a little granddaughter who has Down Syndrome, she is the most pleasant little girl (she's only 21 months old) but is the best medicine I could have. I get so much pleasure out of her wee hugs and babbles. Another wee one due July/August and I am so excited. Hope you are having a good day today...Susan :)


Hi Susan, how lovely of you to come and thank people for their input. that is what we are here for. As I said, I'm sure my mother had it, but I really hope for you that your daughters do not suffer similarly, of course you will worry about it for them, but try to put that to the back of your mind, at the moment it is you you have to worry about and make the most of for your health, yes, to look after your daughters which I am sure you do extremely well. You sound like a lovely caring mother.

I know Mdaisy showed that there is medical evidence for genetic links, one can only hope that it isn't the case in your incidence,

Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Thanks for that, I do try not to think about it but as my wee family grows with grandchildren I just hope it wont strike. My hubby still battles with CFS but thankfully is so much better than he was 15 yrs ago that the poor man is getting up in the mornings to make my breakfast so I can take my time to wake up to get to work. Bless him. You are very right positivity is the best way forward.. Vibes gratefully received and hoping you have the best day you can..Susan :)


Hi susan, I read the replies to your post with interest as I have two teens who I have worried and posted about. My son has been bullied at school and now has eating issues, & his big sister has hypermobility of her joints. Daughter said she has more knowledge of fibro & arthritis, etc & poss causes, than me &my mums generation, & so is more able to deal with any health issues before they become an issue. Unfortunately for my mum, she has had to go thru it without knowing its name & has to have treatments for its symptoms and not their cause. I watch her & think there goes me in a few years time, but at least I can stop it wreaking its havoc on my kids. Thank you again for your post & thank you to fibroaction for raising awareness & research. Hugs to all and hopes for a better future for future generations, Julie xxxxx


Morning Julie, Thanks can be so unfair. A support group like this is great. My Aunt goes to a local group where they get together and talk, sew and have a buzzer to remind them to get up, stretch and have a gentle stroll around the hall :) unfortunately it is too far for me so online is much handier and very informative. I really am glad I found you all. Hope you are having the best day you can.. Susan :)


Hi tiredalot

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I can genuinely understand your concern, as no parent wants to see their children suffer.

You are clearly a concerned and loving mother, your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful mum.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Well thank you for that Ken, just ask my girls they would probably laugh and tell you horror stories :p I really think it is me who is the lucky one, my daughters and hubby are great.

Hope you are having as good a day today as you can and are recovering well....Susan :)


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