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I was wondering ???

If I applied for pip can I apply for hc1 as well to help with perscriptions ? . As I've had fibro for 14 years which has effected me and my whole family , so I thought I'd apply for what I think I'm entitled to, as struggled long enough. I'm on preglaban think that's how you spell it, which I had to increase so had to get different doses and co codamol which I take for pain. I also have very high blood preasure so have to take 3 lots x

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Morning Huskybike,

I have had a look at the forms and if I were you I would apply all help is greatly appreciated :) Have you looked at the carers help as well , does a member of your family assist you- have a check through on line help is there and we need to use it :) xgins


Hi gins hope your feeling ok today x thanks for your reply. The hc1 form asks if I'm getting any other benefits ie pip so did not know what to put so wrote a note at the back to say am waiting for forms . Yes my husband helps me a lot particularly when I have a bad flare , this one had lasted 3 months . He hovers, washes does his own dinner when he comes in from work . He's so patient with me . He sometimes had to help me dress and get out of the bath as my arms hurt so bad I can't hold on x


hello huskybike im glo100 im the same as you sometimes I cnt do anythg around the home my partner also works comes in and ds the same as yr husband wev got 2 good fellows ther hey I hv a prepayment card which I pay 104 pounds every year I hv about 7 things I hv to get on mine so it saves me a lot of money in the long run I had to hv a bath lift in the end that is a godsend to me plus I hv just put in for my pip to how long we will hv to wait a dnt know lets hope we hv some good luck with it hey duc im need if you want a moan same as we al are on this site glad I found it take care glor x


Hi Huskybike

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

Free prescriptions depends on what benefits you are actually receiving. I you do not qualify you can apply to buy an exemption certificate from the NHS. You can pay by direct debit and it costs £10.40 per month and this covers all prescription charges.

I have pasted the application form link in case this is of use to you? It has all the details about the card.

Take care and good luck with your PIP application.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


As DLA /PIP are not means tested benefits, then i don't think they can be taken into account for free prescriptions. The info should be on the website, i think.

My husband just picked up my monthly prescription yesterday and i noticed on the label it quoted over £86 to pay! Thats just for 28 days worth! So i could certainly recommend an annual prepayment card which costs £104 pa so it has paid for itself by the beginning of month two!

It makes feel like moving to Scotland or Wales as they have no prescription charges!

I have no idea what help you can get with dentist bills or opticians, but there may be some more info on the website above. I do hope you can sort something out as I can certainly agree its costly being unwell! Xx


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