Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie. I live in South Wales and have a dog and cat for company. My dog is Poppie, West Highland White aged 7 and I have a ginger full tabby cat called Tiggs, she is aged 6 and they are firm friends along with me.

I have had fibro for around 18 to 20 years now and at long last my doctor is finally listening to me. Today she started me on Gabapentin, so I have to increase the dosage each day in the next three days. I had managed quite well up to a couple of years ago but as I am getting older (61) I am finding it a constant struggle. I am taking Amitriptyline 50mg at night as my quality of sleep is appalling, it still is even with the Amitriptyline, I cannot switch my brain off and when I do finally get enough sleep I want more. I also take pain relief when I need it and wear gel socks so my feet get a bit of relief from the fibro as it affects every part of the body.

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  • Welcome Beth :-)

    Snap, one of my little dogs I called Poppie, and spelt the same way :-)

    I'm so pleased you have found what I consider to be the best forum for support and information. If you take a peek at gives lots of information and there are interesting articles down the right hand side of the page which are also very helpful.

    We are a happy, if slightly silly at times bunch, we give tremendous support and advice when needed, but balance that with a fair amount of silliness which we hope brings laughter to some as it releases endorphins which make one feel better. You don't of course have to take part in any posts you don't want to, but know that the people here are some of the most genuinely caring and supportive people I have met.

    I look forward to getting to know you more and if I can be of help in any way, do just shout :-)

    Foggy x

  • only slightly silly ? ? :P

    Can I quote that bit about endorphins. I think it's what I mean when I say "safety valve".

  • Indeed,you may my friend, thanks for fighting so valiantly for me :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Beth and a very warm welcome. You will find good information on this site, together with a great bunch of people and a few laughs along the way. Looking forward to getting to know. I hope you have a relatively pain free day and sending you a welcome gentle ((hug))

    Tannels x

  • hi beth, welcome,i think foggy & tannels have said it in one! :) hope you enjoy this friendly site as much as i & others do,hope to speak to you soon x

  • Hi Beth,

    welcome :-)



  • Awww how kind you all are. Yes I have been looking for somewhere to lay my hat as they say, looks like I have found it. I am glad someone mentioned silly because that is what I can be at times, a bit child like, well, a lot child like really, I have never grown up. I do try to push the fibro to one side if I can, I will not have it try to dominate my life. I still got a bit of get up and go once in a while. So looking forward to getting to know you all in due course. Thank you for the warm welcome.

  • Well that's good news Beth, sounds like you will have a ball here with us :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Beth welcome to the forum the best place to be for advice and someone to talk to :)

    We're a friendly bunch that like to care and share and we all like to blow off steam whether its with a moan or a giggle so please don't be afraid to join in :)

    Looking forward to seeing you around :)

    Sending you fluffie cuddles to soak up the pain

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hello Beth and welcome to the fibro club. Sorry I was late saying hello shopping knocked me flat... hugs sue

  • shopping. Yuk. Been twice today. . went to spend my coupons, forgot, had to go back to get the credits. Owwwww. :p :P

  • Ignore me Beth, I cant add anything to the others except very warm welcome and sending gentle hugs over the ether. Oh, don't shout too loud as Foggy suggests.

    What happens now if I call "Poppie" :)

  • You might get a drugs dealer. or is that why you are a bit`silly`

  • :P

  • You'll be smothered by terriers, jr and westie hehehehe ;-)

  • Never complained before. Taken 5 for a walk. My JRT, my friend's 2 labby's her son's labby's. What a menagerie.

    No room for people in car :P

  • Hi Beth

    Welcome to this site. It is an excellent place to get advice and information, and you can post as little or as much as you feel up to.

    It has it's daft side too, and I love that because a giggle can do so much good.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts.

  • Thanks once again, loving it here so far. Nice to know I can have a moan from time to time or share a joke. I do get lots of funny videos now and again, can I post the link here to share them with others.

  • Hello Beth1471,

    Welcome to the FibroAction Community Forum

    To answer your question anything can be posted within reason (remembering that the main purpose it an informative & supportive resource for members), as long as it is within the FibroAction Guidelines (soon to be updated), the HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines & HealthUnlocked Terms of Use.

    All links are below for your reference;

    I hope this helps :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Beth, I'm in South Wales too, what part are you?

  • Hello Beth. Welcome to to the forum. Look forward to hearing from you. Lots of hugs. Flossy x

  • Hi Beth1471

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

    I wanted to say, welcome to the site, and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do?

    I have read that you have been given some wonderful welcomes and lots of great advice.

    If you ever need to ask anything, simply ask.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you all. Jessam, I am from Cardiff. Lived there all my life, in the same house all my life. Looked after my parents until they both passed away. Now its just me and my doggie and kitty for company, which by the way I love. Did not like living on my own to begin with but now, 20 years on since mum passed I love it. My fibro was caused by the suddenness of my mum's death. She was my best friend in the world. On the 2 December 1993 she visited her doctor which was a rare occurrence for her only to be referred to our main teaching hospital immediately. I was told on the day we went to the hospital that she only had six weeks left in her life, due to a very aggressive cancer that she had. I nursed her until she died and indeed it was six weeks later more or less on the 19 January 1994 she passed away. Six months later I was sent home from work with RSI - I was an administration secretary at an insurance company in the city. My left arm became useless. Over the years the fibro materialised and I've been doing battle with it ever since.

  • Hi Beth1471

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I have just read your story here, and I think that you are an amazing, wonderful person and that you deserve to be told this for your unwavering love and devotion to your parents, and I genuinely mean that from my very soul.

    It is an honour and privilege to meet you.

    Ken x

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