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shhhh dont say nothing just sit here with me, lets get old together

shhhh dont say nothing just sit here with me, lets get old together

cos theres no one i would rather be with than you to see it through with. shhhhhh just be there, just be there, lets unfold one another and watch all the things that drew us together.. Dooont say nothing, just sit here with me shhhhh ..

just had to post as so lovely a song Paloma Faith i have her 1st album

the song is called 'just be'

i slightly changed odd words.

but i just want to be here with you all together and keep it all going.

such lovely friends and others i have got to know .

sleep tight, sweet dreams, dont let the bed bugs bite ahhhhh the angels are watching over us and sprinkling smiles and wishing another day to be as easy as we can have it.

huggles fairycazzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I particularly like the Angels sprinkling smiles and wishes Morning that was lovely I hope your day is calm and you manage your pain well :) xgins


Aww hia gins you too.

I just say before bed, ahhhh lets see how you treat me tomoro lol. I will be ready for you ;-)

Hows your day miss madam and whats on the agenda for today ?

Well so far ok i think but not out of bed as yet tut tut am late because since daughter gone high Skool and i got a new driver for 3 days a week am able to take my time rather than eek get up, pills, tea, sit, clean a little bit before go see to pets . Well pets always 1st! Cuppa last.

Then never gets drunk.

The days are always longish lol

Think of PG tips advert monkey and routine ... Tum tum tum tum tum clink clunk slippers on sit on sofa ahhhhhhh lol

Or that one where the lady sits in chair and it expands around her and ahhhh again .

Ahhhhhhh((((((huggles)))))) bliss xxxx


I love a lot of her music, my daughter likes her too xxxxx


Nice lyrics wish I had someone to get old with :( though


Aww kim sorry

Well you can with us :-) xxxxx

Love music, love lyrics, love singing like a screaching cat haha xxx



Fairycazzie you are a lovely lady. You have made me smile xxx

Thank you

Great big sweet hugs too you xxxxxxxx


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