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Bone pain

Hi I have had chronic pain for 9 years following a work injury. I then developed terrible fatigue which doctors just say is to be expected with chronic pain. What started in neck and shoulder spread and now I get pain all over - both nerve and muscle but over past few years has included deep bone pain - does anyone else get bone pain with fatigue/nerve pain? would seek further help but as under pain clinic already running out of options. thanks

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Hi peaceandserenity, I get deep bone pain as well, I have had fibro for 10++ years, I am so tired and in constant all over pain and struggling with the simplest of things although I do keep on going, it is very distressing not being listened to by the doctors, they do not seem to take the bone pain seriously!! as your name suggests all we can do is be at peace and try not to let it wear us down.


This isn't something that I personally have experienced, though sometimes the pain seems like it's permeating every bit of my body, but I've never thought of it as bone pain. I had arthritis in the shoulder and then it definitely was bone pain, which felt very different, once the joint was replaced the pain was gone, for which I am very thankful.

I really hope that you get some understanding and treatment for the way you feel, sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Thank you both for your kind thoughts and for sharing your experiences - it is hard having something so debilitating and which is invisible to most people (apart from bags under the eyes and premature aging :) ) - it really helps xx


i get bone pain too (and eyebags ;) ),. mostly in my forearms but also in my upper arms. i had growing pains when i was a child and it feels really similar.

not sure what can be done with bone pain other than more tablets :(

hope it eases for you soon x


Hi peaceandserenity

I am so sorry to hear that you are having so much pain and I sincerely hope that you can get some relief from this as soon as possible. I have deep bone pain in my ribs and shoulder blades; they are two of the reasons I managed to get my diagnosis with. I am sorry that I have not got any new ideas for you but I think you may have to keep going back to your GP and tell them exactly how you are feeling.

Take care and good luck

Ken x


I can say i have what I consider to be bone pain, is bone grinding on bone where the cartilage has worn away. Just from my experience the pain you are feeling is more like a rheumatic pain, felt like deep inside the bone arrow. For me this is usually affected by changing in weather /atmospheric pressure. I'm sure it is a symptom associated with Fibro.

The ideal place when you feel like that is in a nice warm bed, well thats the only place i feel comfy.... Complete with dog for extra warmth and cuddle :)


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