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I don't believe it

My doctor is very young and very nice. She has been being nice to other people all morning that's why she is running three quarters of an hour late.

She hands me a sheaf of leaflets to read I hand her a copy of Pain Matters. With a piece highlighted within an article about the pain experience not being believed. (Very depressing that don't you think?). To be fair to her I haven't taken my pain out for her to dismiss lightly. She is new and I have been doing as the pain clinic recommended. Which basically involves pacing and gritting - teeth. Doubtless there will come a time.

I don't believe she will read it but you have got to try.

I have trouble believing when man in the Cafe at Buckingham garden centre points to a one legged Robin sat on the back of a chair waiting for cake crumbs.

He can't believe how much I have spent, I have always wanted a Witch Hazel and given my life seems to have shrunk of late and I apparently have to give up chocolate now along with other goodies I treat myself. I get so much pleasure from our small patch I figure its good value. I don't believe it will give the same hit as chocolate though.

Half way home I cannot believe that I forgot to mention to the GP my very real concerns over memory loss and confusion.

Perhaps I will forget I have to give up comfort food. Then I won't feel guilty will I?

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Oh nedd

I don't know what to say? That was deep and down and you are clearly suffering as a result! If it is of any consolation whatever I truthfully and sincerely believe is that most people on this earth are kind, good and wonderful people. It has to be the systems, policies and procedures of life that make things go wrong! After all, if she hadn't of been so nice she would have run on time and then all the patients would have been unhappy!

So it takes me back to systems, policies and procedures, as we live in a world of plenty, yet so many live without.

(I can always PM you if you let me know when you are going to the doctors again and remind you about your memory loss?).

Take care my friend



What a brilliant idea Ken we could run an app a memory loss app I suspect it is already in hand..

Anyway we would not remember to fill it in!



Hi gins

I hope that you are as well as can be? I think a memory app would be brilliant but you are probably right that we would forget to use it!

Take care

Ken x


Hi Ken

Thanks for your supportive reply.

Actually I am glad she is nice to us all. After we all need to be given a bit of time within the system sometimes. I didn't mind hanging around for that reason, I am one of those dreadful people you may end up by who engage you in chit chat.

I do have a gripe though about some people you see who dismiss crhonic pain though. Especially if it hasn't a proper diagnoses. I understand that they may feel there is nothing more that they can offer. But there are ways of letting you down lightly. And the article was very enlightening. And to have to cope with the feeling that its all in your imagination is depressing.

As for giving up the junk. Well I shall be using my imagination now to think of other ways to get a bit of instant gratification!

You could be on to something with a memory prompt.

Is there a fortune waiting for you.

Get you imagination firing and see.

Off to deal with Mr Ofsted now wish me energy.



Take a deep breath and remember OfSTED are silly people who make judgements based on tiny snapshots of what you do (I taught for 14 years). I shall blow virtual raspberries at them for you. Hope it goes well


Morning Nedd,

You had a rough time but you were so good you realized the doc was battling to keep her surgery moving and that must have been so difficult for every one.

Can you really no longer have rewards rotten luck I feel for you that is so horrid b ut to choose a hazel is a good plot try planting it in a pretty large pot to stop the roots running to far and it will contain its size fairly well. I have a chestnut tree which is know 15 years old in a pot on the decking every yer I stop its growth by running the shape and trimming the roots off as well it is marvelous. My son still argues it is his lol . xgins


Hi, nedd

The witch hazel was worth every penny & will carry on seducing you into the garden long after all the chocolate's been eaten. I planted one in my last garden & I only wish I had the room for one where I live now. Actually, they don't grow that big, but they do have a broad spread, so leave plenty of space around it.

As for your GP, she won't mind at all if you bring a list of things you need to ask her, just remember to take it with you!


Hi Nedd. Why do you have to give up chocolate? I read that eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar from your diet can help with pain management and Ive given up wheat (easy) but I'm struggling a bit (well, more than a bit actually) with giving up dairy and sugar particularly as I love chocolate! I love it love love it! So I feel bad for you. Do you like nuts? I find pistachios are nearly a treat/ reward.


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