a clever idea!

in a charity shop a sign in the window says

"got half an hour to spare? please come in and stack a shelf? If you haven't got that long 30 minutes will do :) " funny & clever!

a friend of mine went in and pointed out it's the same. with a twinkle in her eye the elderly lady said "Well while you're here do you fancy putting these cd's out for me?" she gets so much help from that notice!

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  • I like it and yes I bet she gets loads of offers from that clever notice!!

  • That's really good!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • lol how foolish are we - that stand and stare!


  • Very clever :-)



  • Just love the wackiness of it.

    I would love to know who created that sign.

    Shall file the idea away. I am sure I will have a use for it one day.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  • My OH and I have just chortled at that :)

    Thanks Sandra xx

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