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Ty all so much for all your replies

Ty to everyone for your replies to my last post I am so grateful I know it is frustrating and sometimes frightening with this fog brain,you have reassured me I'm not alone,some of your posts had me chuckling so hard I had tears running down my legs!! I was asking my son about a new bed he was buying and couldn't get the bed word out, he was getting fed up waiting for me to find the word so I said big square thing in the middle of the room u sleep in, he laughed so hard I was mortified but now at least I can laugh. Big fluffy marshmallow hugs to you all.

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Hi Pinot so glad the site has been of some help to you, it's a wonderful site with some wonderful fibro friends isn't it,.. I'm sorry but you had me chuckling when you were trying to describe the bed to your son, I wasn't laughing at you but with you, I could just see you standing there doing all the hand actions to describe this big thing in the middle of the room lol, it's good to hear you can laugh at it yourself, that is a huge step....look forward to reading more of your posts...gentle hugs..Dee xx sending you a handful of sunshine x

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Hello Dee ty for laughing with me im glad I could do something worthwhile for you lol. You have to lsugh at urself or you would crack up. My family have no concept of this illness they often get frustrated hu! The cheek of them. Ty ♥ for your lovely reply it has cheered me up today.big gentle marshmallow hugs xx


Hi Pinot,

this is a lovely site, isn't it. I am so pleased to hear you have been given a few smiles by some of the posts.

Gentle hugs



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