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Applying for more DLA than currently receiving

Once you have received DLA after a tribunal appeal decision, can you reapply at a later time for more, based on levels of care and mobility assistance needed? If you do, does it put you in jeopardy to lose the levels of DLA you already receive? I got the lowest levels of care and mobility after a horrific hearing in which I had to really fight for even that much. I now have even higher levels of pain and exhaustion and am even more in need of care than I was when I appealed. I have been between 95% and 98% bed bound since that hearing. I think the anxiety, pain and fight I had to go through to get DLA contributed greatly to this and I have never fully recovered to the previous level. I really need more. My gp said recently that I need much more carer time and attention than I have, but this is all I am able to pay for. I don't know what to do. Can I lose what I already got if they decide that they want to take even that away? The decision is to be in effect until the Autumn of 2014. I wonder if I should do something about it now or wait and start all over.

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Hi Budgiefriend

The answer to your question is YES. But if you feel confident enough to go through with a fresh claim, go ahead and good luck to you.


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