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Nothing new there then eh! ?

Can someone please tell me if their messages aren't showing up on the activity screen like usual.............. I'd just like to know if its just me that is having this problem before I contact the 'techies'.

Can't tell where I have been its like the birds have eaten my trail of breadcrumbs :o

Thankyou.......... slightly irked boingy one :o

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Hi Zeb, mine seem to be ok. However, a few weeks ago, I had the same problem and did not receive any notifications for about a week. Hope you get it sorted.

Tannels x


Boing no indeed boing mine is working differently I have to enter the site and then find current conversations which seem to have moved .about very annoying! xgins.


Something isn't working right at the moment. Notifications are random.



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Hi all,

You're right the activity screen doesn't seem to be picking them up ...I'll message HU. They may know already especially if it is due from a recent upgrade to the site but I'll mention it anyway

Little naughty Elves playing tricks ! lol

Emma :)


Aha! I knew it! got to watch them you know LOL

Thanks Emma I thought I was going nuts earlier



Thanks guys xxx really appreciate your answers.

I'm not as boinging nuts as first appeared today :o xxx


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