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University of Surrey study about Fibro & Pregnancy, are you able to take part ?

Volunteer participants -living in the UK- are required to take part in a study on fibromyalgia and pregnancy

We are looking for women diagnosed with fibromyalgia who are reaching their third trimester of pregnancies or have completed their pregnancies no more than 2 years ago, to participate in an interview and share their personal experiences on how is like living with this condition during pregnancy.

This research project aims to explore the subjective experiences of women with fibromyalgia within the context of transition to motherhood.

The individual interview will take up to an hour and will be held at a convenient time and place for the participants.

Skype or phone interviews will be also considered when a face-to-face interview may not be possible.

This study is carried out by Ana Tunaru, a postgraduate student in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey, Guildford, and is supervised by Professor Mark Cropley who has extensively researched fibromyalgia syndrome.

In order to take part, the participants:

1.must have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at least 2 years prior to the onset of the pregnancy;

2.should be approaching their third trimester of pregnancy or gave birth to a child no more than 2 years ago;

3.should live in the UK and speak English fluently.

If you need further information, are interested to join this study or know someone who would like to take part, please don't hesitate to contact Ana Tunaru by email: or by phone at 0750 36 54 920.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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Hi M, sorry can't help with this, but I just had to tell you I once worked at the University of Surrey in the personnel department which was on the 11th floor of Senate House........ I suffer from claustrophobia so could never use the lifts so it was the stairs for me every time and I used to get sent on errands left right and centre (I was young at the time as you might have guessed) up and down, up and down, looking back I'm amazed how I did it as fibro had already reared it's ugly head. I certainly couldn't do it now !!

I hope they get the patients they need for the study as good knowledge can only go to help people more !

Foggy x


I fit the criteria so will certainly put myself forward. :)

We had to change Gynae Consultants because of Stigma related issues :X , however the one we changed to was FAB and after going through the Labour with Pethidine early on & then Gas and Air after that my contractions tailed off and she got stuck...So off to theatre it was and the Anesthetist was highly knowledgable on Fibro to the extent she was checking my medication list ! Brilliant lady who was so professional.

I was so reassured after that as you can imagine. Wrote me up a range of pain relief for afterwards until my normal medications kicked in. As we had , had a fairly good debate on the condition just before our lovely Daughter was born, she realised I was sensible and mentioned to the midwives I knew how to manage my medications. A welcome sigh of not needing to explain why and what I needed for my Fibro after the birth and no need to justify myself.... Phew is all I can say.

So the study will have a mixture of negative and positive experiences from my story :)

P.S In my experience Labour pain .... easy ! for me it was nothing compared to the pregnancy pain I endured everyday. I was laughing, joking and passing one of those hat like vomit bowls around for a bet whether she would be born that day or go over into the next !! :)

18 months ago now...... little cheeky cuddly sweetie she is...but I'm a biased Mummy ! :)


Awwwwww M, I'm glad you had a good outcome and I'm sure your lovely little toddler is grateful to have a caring person like you as a Mummy :-)

All the very best,

Foggy x


I had my son three and half years ago being pregnant was the only time I've felt well for fifteen years had an epidural as his heart was decelerating didn't feel a thing x


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