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Are you interested in this University of Liverpool ? - Relationships between Chronic Pain & Mental Well-being

Are you interested in this University of Liverpool ? - Relationships between Chronic Pain & Mental Well-being

Hello Members,

Please find the main excerpts below regarding this study, the main document has other sections & you will be required to read the whole document & state you have done so before taking part.

Title of Study

Relationships between Chronic Pain and Mental Well-being.

You are being invited to take part in an online questionnaire study. Before you decide whether or not you wish to take part in the study, please read the following information carefully. The following information will explain why the research is being done, what you will be asked to do, and will explain confidentiality. Please take time to read the following information carefully and if you would like any further information or have any questions please contact me or my supervisor using the contact details below. Please also feel free to discuss this with your friends, relatives or GP if you wish.

To take part you must be 18 years or older, and a resident of the United Kingdom

As an expression of thanks for your time spent completing the questionnaire, you will be given the opportunity to enter an optional draw where you can win one of three £50 Amazon vouchers.

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of the study is to explore which psychological factors may contribute to well-being in people living with chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain which lasts for a period of three months or longer. There has been lots of research that shows that people with physical health conditions (such as chronic pain) who maintain higher levels of well-being do well. For example they live longer, and need to have less healthcare appointments

Overview of Criteria

As we are interested in learning more about how to improve well-being in individuals with chronic pain, we are specifically looking for individuals who have experienced pain for a period of three months or longer, including those who have been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition.

Please note, due to the different underlying causes and treatment of cancer-related chronic pain, this study will only be recruiting those whose pain is not caused by cancer or cancer-related treatment (non-malignant chronic pain).

Furthermore, we are only inviting individuals who are over the age of 18 and residents of the United Kingdom to take part for ethical reasons to do with gaining appropriate consent.

Do I have to take part?

No, taking part is voluntary. If you don’t want to take part, you do not have to give a reason and no pressure will be put on you to try and change your mind. You can stop the questionnaire at any time and close the web browser. Incomplete questionnaires will be permanently deleted from the data set.

What will happen if I take part?

If you agree to take part, you will first be asked to check that this study is right for you, and that you are happy to take part. You will then be asked to complete a set of online

If you agree to take part, you will first be asked to check that this study is right for you, and that you are happy to take part. You will then be asked to complete a set of online questionnaires.

We estimate that the questionnaire shall take no longer than 20 minutes to complete in a single, non-stop sitting. However, if you would feel more comfortable taking breaks, it is okay to leave the questionnaire from time to time, before returning to carry on. If you would like to do this, it is important to leave you computer switched on, and the questionnaire up on the screen. If you were to close the internet browser, or log off the computer then your answers so far would be lost.

All questions will be presented in English; unfortunately no other language options are available. As such you may want to consider if this will cause difficulties for you in anyway before agreeing to take part. You can do this in any location you choose. Though none of the questions are of a very personal nature, you may still wish to pick somewhere with reasonable privacy.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will have finished the study. There will be no further questionnaires or any other kind of follow up in the future.

Expenses and / or payments

At the end of the study, you will be offered the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of three £50 Amazon Vouchers as an expression of thanks for your time. If you wish to be entered into the draw, you will be asked to provide your email address. Once the study closes, the draw will take place and you will be informed by email whether or not you have been selected to receive a voucher. Your email address will be stored in a separate place to your questionnaire answers to ensure your anonymity and will be deleted once the draw has taken place.

Will my participation be kept confidential?

If you choose to take part in the study, any information you give will be anonymised i.e. no one will know your identity. You will not be asked for your name, date of birth, or information regarding where you live. Your responses will only be viewed by the researchers involved in the study. If you choose to take part in the study and then decide it is not for you, you will be able to withdraw at anytime during the online questionnaire. You can do this by closing the internet browser. Incomplete data sets will be deleted from the study data. However, once you have fully completed the study, it will unfortunately not be possible to withdraw your data as there will be no way of identifying which set of answers is your own.

What will happen to the results of the study?

The results of the study will be written up as part of a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. The study may also be published in an academic journal, and the anonymised data may be used in other publications. A summary of the anonymised results of this study will be posted on the pain charity websites (i.e. the website where you saw the initial study advertisement).

For more information, and to participate in the study, please click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Joanne Iddon

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Programme

University of Liverpool


This study is supervised by Dr Jen Unwin at Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and Dr Joanne Dickson at the University of Liverpool.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

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If it encourages anyone else to fill it in it literally took me 10 minutes and the questions were very simple and easy to understand. On the whole it is literally rating certain things such as pain between 0-10. Mind you it is a good night for me so the brain was actually in full working order for a

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Done. It doesn't take long to til out.

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"Fill" sorry


I will get on to this later, thank you Emma x x


I have already completed it :)

Research studies can be very useful :)

XXX sian :)


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