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Help with prescriptions

I was diagnosed with fibro two weeks ago but I think I've had it for three years.

I'm currently working however the fatigue, pain and fog are getting too much. I'm making silly mistakes and think this is because of the fog.

I don't see the need to reduce my hours just yet but I think in the future I may.

My question is if you work and have fibro will pip help with prescription costs? My wage isn't great and I also have asthma and a few other health issues that don't come under exempt.

Thank you

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Not sure about that but you can get a "season ticket": prescription prepayment if you use more than 1 a month its worth it.

Help with health costs if you're on a low income

Also can you get a referral to occupational health from either work or your GP. Work MUST cooperate in this and big organisations often have their own, but they're still independent.



As fenbadger says its the HC1 form for help with prescription charges on a low income

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As fenbadger has said a "Season Ticket" may be the best option for you.


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I get mine free as I am a diabetic. Also now as I have had to stop working I qualify on low income.


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Hi Jordana88

I can see that fenbadger has given you a couple of really useful links for help with prescription costs, so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



If you are on a low income and claim benefits you can get help but the best bet would be on a pre payment certificate for 6mths or a year.I have a year one and it's so invaluable. I am on so many medicines so it really does help.My husband received free prescription when he reached 60. I understand it's free in Scotland


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