alot of flares !

is anyone else the same , im flareing alot , and struggling to sleep again , my body wants to yet i feel as tho i have insomnia , meds not doing much , i feel as tho ive gone backwards , struggling to get out of bed in the mornings and feel as tho i have the worst hangover , without a drink ! my legs burn , pulse and stabbing pain , arms are hurting most of the time to , my god i sound like a right moaner , just feel as tho iam going insane with it all , hugs to everyone xx

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  • Hi Broadband,

    There's no doubt that having some decent sleep is a tremendous help to us fibromites - it helps with pain management and reduces flares.

    I guess your best bet would be to visit your GP and update your pain relief and to arrange some sedation to help you get a good night of rest.

    CBT is also great for reducing this kind of flare. Your GP can arrange it for you, or you can self- refer. It teaches you how to be calm, and how to cope with pain and anxiety. I went through a phase of being so afraid of pain that it nearly paralysed me!

    I am much better now, because of improved medication and CBT techniques.

    Moffy x

  • For me I could not wait for the sun to shine, but I feel worse

    Than I have all winter very strange,

  • Please go and see your GP I have battled fibro for 23 years and the sleep or lack of it was the worst part for the last 18 months I have got the right combo of meds and I get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night which for me is the best thing ever.... Strange to say its lovely and warm here today and I have no energy everything aches ... Just when I was looking forward to the sun.... Don't you just love fibro :D

  • Lovely and warm here on the Isle of Wight, at least I'm

    Not alone in the aches, and no energy

  • It's the shock of seeing the sun! :O

    Moffy x

  • Hey Broadband,

    I am going through the same is frustrating (more than normal). Not anything new you are doing? I know that in this weather it is tempting.that is half my prob! I cannot offer much advice but for sleeping there is a sound app that I use that has sounds of nature.the sea one always helps me get to sleep.i put it on a timer for a few hrs .it even has an option where u can combine different sounds eg sea with rainforest.maybe give that a try.pilates I find helps with minimising flare ups.hope that helps.

  • ty xxxx

  • Hey there ,I use a hypno app when sleep is bad and its great .Im in a flare of several weeks at the moment and it hurts so bad .The only thing I will say is Dont fret over not sleeping it makes it worse .Sometimes I think having no energy is as bad as having all the pain .Hope things improve for you really soon .x

  • Hi broadband im gping through exactly what you're going through, I dont seem to be able to come out of it, its like ive got a black cloud above me and feels like its only happening to me. I dont seem to have the strength most days to fight it so it gets me which means yet another day in bed, I just want sleep and as for the burning pains in my legs, hips and arms that just gets worse. I think my meds im on have gotten used toy body so I can see another drs appointment coming up, soft hugs jenny xx

  • Hi jenny x how are you ? Im still flareing real bad , think ive ran out of tears for tonight , just in and out of bed like you x I feel for my family to as they dont know what to do , its like living a nightmare at the moment , big hugs xxx angie x

  • Me too. All my conditions are playing up at the same time just now. Don't know how to deal with it as meds are doing nothing :( hope it eases soon for you xxx gentle hugs xxx T.

  • Trae x im still the same here today , I hope it eases for you to soon , xx tc x angie x

  • Trae x im still the same here today , I hope it eases for you to soon , xx tc x angie x

  • Trae x im still the same here today , I hope it eases for you to soon , xx tc x angie x

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