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Thumb support

Just some advice pleass. Getting terrible pain in lower thumb joint unfortunately its my right thumb and im right handed I cant pick thing's up now and I am at work tommorow using a mouse typing etc. Anybody advise best support to buy as could go to gp and referral route but that all takes time. Its not fibro pain this is definitely oa in thumb joint itself.

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IMAK products online do wonderful wrist supports and other stuff for easing pain when using computer. And Pernaton gel (also online) is great x


Hello Crop,

There is often questions about creams & gels for pain. I have never heard of Pernaton Gel can you provide a bit more information for members. Is it over the counter? How many times did you use it a day? etc. I would like to know more if possible as it says it is good for connective tissue and joint problems. You have found it to be beneficial, so if you could explain a bit more about it this would be great. Thank You


Hello Wall1409,

I was going to suggest maybe a warm epson salt soak may help. Crop seems to have provided some good suggestions. Interested in the gel, please let me know if you try it so we can tell other members if it was helpful or not

Emma :)


I have been using Volerol gel. It's helped me a small amount so might be worth a try.




Hi wall1409,

I've had this for just over a year off and on in my left thumb. I was diagnosed with the following:

De Quervain syndrome (French pronunciation: ​[də kɛʁvɛ̃]; also known as gamer's thumb, washerwoman's sprain, radial styloid tenosynovitis, de Quervain disease, de Quervain's tenosynovitis, de Quervain's stenosing tenosynovitis, mother's wrist, or mommy thumb), is a tenosynovitis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb.[1]

I was given a wrist splint that also immobilises the thumb joint which gave instant relief. Speak to your employer as you can get a different type of mouse to help. Hope you get some relief xxx


Thanks for this. I want sure if I should see GP as cant go till 26th and symptoms may have eased by then I have wrist rests for working but struggling to grip as quite painfull at the moment


I also wear h splints the difference is fantastical. Go see your GP amd request them.



Psoriatic Arthritis loves to work on the joints closest to the fingernail..

It could be a lot of different just reminded me of PA...You have

a history of back pain too..another thing that points to PA..I really couldn't

tell, a rheumy might help you greatly especially if you get this frequently..

joint pain, that is..paraffin wax treatments are a big can also

melt wax in the crock pot being careful not to heat the wax too much..

as Zen said, Epsom salt soaks feel amazingly does a moist

heat such as the rice packed inside of socks placed in the microwave..

If Ice feels best, you can do that too..I have a good tip here for those of

you with little kids...those little ketchup, taco sauce, tarter packs that you

get at fast food restaurants, Don't throw them out..put some in the freezer

and they make perfect size toddler ice packs ...they are excellent for that. =)


Thanks I already have a mucky mixture of oa sjogens and fm so wouldn't surprise me Yikes at all.Thanks for all the advice, wearing a splint now with helps for work but take it off and use a soft bandage with a good thickening of a chilli based ointment gp recommended


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