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Symptoms of Fibro, or just barmy ?

Hi, was just wondering if anyone could confirm if their symptoms come and go, sometimes lasting days or weeks, and sometimes only lasting hours. I seem to be getting more and more symptoms, some that only last a few hours (usually heavy aches), but am seriously beginning to think I am just going mad and imagining symptoms !! Or ...Perhaps I am already mad lol :)

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Good morning choops,no you are not mad as symptoms can come and go and vary in intensity as well.Sometimes I have pain in areas that I don't normally have and then it disappears.I have found through that the longer I have fibro the more I seem to add to my symptoms though xx

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Many thanks Haribo, makes me feel a bit more sane :) Maybe it would be easier to think I was mad though lol !


Same here! X


That just about sums up Fibro, it ebbs and flows.



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Yep good expression Jilly :D

Sometimes its like they're all battling to be the most prominent over the others especially at this time of year.

I must say though that if you experience something new that keeps happening and it causes you any concern to speak to your GP as a GP needs to know what your Fibro is kicking up so it can hopefully be treated :)

Take care and sending healing happy fluffies to you :)

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Hi Choops, I agree with everything everyone has said, fibro seems to have a complete mind of it's own and loves to catch you out when you are least expecting it. Jilly summed it up precisely and you know you have the back up and help of everyone here when the going gets tough. :-)

Foggy x


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