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Sickness at work

Hello everyone'

I have made a big mistake and returned to work after 8 wks sickness, both my Gp and physio questioned this but I thought being on phased return I could probably manage.. I am still undergoing treatment I have 5 wks acupuncture then my spinal injections New Year's Eve!! Well basically I am not coping although I am on phased return work are not helping by giving me light duties my first day bk I wore a lead gown for a 2 hr surgery I had to scrub for??? I am still in pain and regret going bk help!!!! I now know I should of waited untill my treatment had finished

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Forgot to say I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 yrs ago and my degenerative disc disease 6 wks ago thankyou


They should have done phased return i would speak to he sbout this i gather you wk for the nhs? Thry should know better! X


Good morning I am so sorry to hear about your degenerative disease I take it your back is the main problem is it fusing and crumbling? Poor you how rotten sounds like you have been through the grinder. Hope you are managing as best you can I send you enourmouse but gentle hugs xgins


I live in Wisconsin, USA..lots of people return to work, then it doesn't work out

so they get another doctors note to discontinue work for another week or longer.

It's always a wait and see if you can get back to work. So sorry that you are doing

not so good...I bet it's incredibly painful..sending you warm comforts this week..

I hope that your doctor extends your time off.xx Karen



This is so wrong, they shouldn't be doing this.

When you have a phased return to work your supervisors should sit down with you, discuss with occy health, what you are able to do. It should all be written down and agreed. They should also come to you periodically to ask how you are finding things and most importantly, you are able to go to them and say if things are too much and ask for your return to be reviewed.

You'd think the NHS, I'm assuming that's who you work for sorry if not, would know better. A friend of mine, a nurse, is undergoing chemo just now and her supervisor has not contacted her at all.

It is all shocking. I know all the cutbacks are having a terrible effect on government agencies but compassion and consideration should be at the heart of the NHS. Sorry for my rant.

Good luck and please speak with your supervisors, if they don't listen please go back to your GP.

Is x


Hi there, I'm appalled that the nhs of all people should not follow due diligence and carry out your phased return to work in a much more sensible way. Surely, knowing your condition with degenerative disc disease, the last thing they should have expect you to do was to wear a very heavy lead gown for that amount of time. I would be inclined to have a conversation with your HR department and organise a more suitable paced return to work, otherwise return to your GP and get another sick note and take time to get stronger. I know this won't be easy for you, but you really do have to look after yourself, otherwise things will only get worse.

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi MissNorthWest, I know from personal experience how bad it can be if you have health probs when working for the NHS. Luckily, I was on the clerical side so never had to do surgery - why did they think you could wear a lead gown & stand for a two hour surgery when you're supposed to be on light duties?! :-( I would speak to someone about the definition of 'light duties'!

It's sad, but true - the NHS is the worst place to work if you have health problems. Or is it just that I had such unsympathetic, uncaring, inconsiderate, bitching, backstabbing, I'm-all-right-Jack, line managers who were unable to empathise or have compassion?

Your health is important - if you feel you need more time off work, see your gp & tell your line managers that you're sorry but you think you came back to work too early & are not feeling fit enough to come in.

Take care of yourself & Good Luck,

Julie xxx


I work for the NHS and they seemed more sympathetic for someone who has had time off for drink related problems than myself


Thankyou everyone!! Will b speaking to my manager and occ health fri and if no joy will be taking my gp's advice!!! Unfortunately the nhs is not supportive and holly1950 I have the same experience


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