A felting suitable for Remembrance Day

A felting suitable for Remembrance Day

I thought I would try and make a poppy out of felting, it isn't the best, though nothing I do is really, but at least I've had a go. I will of course buy a proper poppy though as I support the British Legion every years as most of us do.

(hhhmmm, it's turned it on its side, and I can't get it to change back to upright, but he leaf is meant to be at the top)

Foggy x

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  • It really is beautiful foggy,and I mean that! You are very good at felting and I look forward to seeing many more :)

  • Well done foggy sew a piece of felt to the bag then you attach a broach pin :) xxgins

  • Oh thanks gins, I thought I would have to stick it on, but that's sounds a much better way round the problem :-)

  • Beautiful. I will be getting my poppy soon as well. A sweet young lady I used to teach lost her brother in Afganistan, blue on blue, and watching what she and her family have gone through, still go through, is heartbreaking.

    Gentle hugs


  • I like it on its side as well as the right way up!

    I got my poppy yesterday. My friends 2 sons were out in Afghanistan at the same time. We all made things to send out to them and one is now "addicted" to tablet which I made, even if it had all melted into one piece! (Tablet is the Scottish version of fudge, but better! I am now in the process of converting many people in Suffolk...)

  • My OH loves tablet, but it's too sweet for me and I'm not keen on the texture. I used to buy her the Thornton's one before we moved to Scotland. Now I can get her the proper Scottish home made stuff ;) xx

  • what on earth is tablet

  • I second that question mayrose54

  • Tablet is loooovely! I'll post the recipe. It's a bit like fudge but a bit harder.

  • Brilliant. felting is something I`ve never tried.

  • Neither had I until a couple of months ago, and it's very addictive............ why don't you give it a try ?


  • I will one day, at the moment I`m up to my eyes in crochet and cross stitch. But having problems getting motivated to finish them.

  • Ahhh well, I would love to crochet again, I did learn as a child, but can't remember much and I envy anyone who does cross stitch it's just such a fine art. I suffer a lot with essential tremor so I would find threading needles etc quite an effort, the more I concentrate the worse it gets :o

    I'm happy felting though :-)

    Foggy x

  • When I can get motivated I can only spend a short time on them now before my hands and fingers cramp. Cross stitch is easy to do and can be done on aida fabric with a low square count ,= big stitches/big easy to thread needles. there are lots of easy patterns on pinterest

  • I'm not even going to comment on that first sentence, naughty Foggy! It looks fab :)

    Pip xx

  • beautiful foggy!

  • Hi Foggy, your poppy is lovely! I love felting too, at least it's a craft that doesn't hurt my hands too much if I don't try and do it for too long! xx

  • Hi Felting friend foggy, i think this is lovely. Don`t dare to say nothing you do is good, bad girl! I`m a bit hooked on felting now, saw a video on utube how to make a cobweb scarf, looks great, fiddly, but not difficult, i`m going to have a go when i can get the wool, need to wait a bit, a full skein is quite expensive. Keep on felting! xxx

  • Hi there :-) would that be done with Nuno felting ? I would love to see the outcome once you have made it please :-) and pretty please :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, no, i looked at that on utube, but didn`t like the effect. This seems to be done with one long skein pushed and pulled etc. The one on utube was 82" long, i haven`t got a table that long, so it`ll be shorter. Also going to have a go at enamel pouring on a canvas tomorrow, sounds wonderfully messy! I`m glad you toojk our advice, you wouldn`t look pretty with a haddock for a hat!

  • Hehehe .... So being a bit stupid, (ducks for cover) what does the cobweb scarf look like ? :-)

    Foggy x

  • Love it :-)

  • Thank you so much :-)

  • Thank you all for your very kind comments, I won't do what I normally would because a certain squirrelly looking person might thwack me round the head with a wet fish ;-) ;-)

    So I will gratefully accept your kind words and try to do some more things with which to bombard you :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • p.s. if you read down this page, where the tablet and felting are together, its very funny and sound like people are felting with tablet! Can you imagine what that would do to your waistline! xxxx

  • Thwaking around the head with a wet fish - what sort of fish would that be - ? would it be a smakeral.?

    So are you starting a industry?

    I think I am confused any one seen the octopussy he was knitting hats for bottle! What is that all about

  • Oh gins :D :D :D a smackeral hehehehe, that's fab, normally I think of it being smoked haddock, but that's because apart from monkfish, that's about the only fish I like hehehehehe :D :D

    Gigglingly Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, smackeral, that`s good! The cobweb scarf is very fine, with `holes ` in it, more like a fancy shawl, definitely not a muffler! The idea seems to be to put the skein flat and then really gently pull it to make it wider and wider, until its almost like lace, and then wet felt it. Oh yes, you ave cover it in voile before the bubblewrap. Then she washed it, screwed it up and threw it hard onto the table several times - i don`t know if i could do that ........then she reshaped it again. As i said, fiddly but not hard. I dare you to have a go! xxx

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